Eliminating Bed Bugs

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Cimex lectularious is the most common bed bug species in the UK. These insects are most commonly found in bedrooms because they feed at night, but they can also be found in lounges, particularly in sofas and chairs.

Bed bugs only feed on blood, so they've evolved mouth parts that allow them to penetrate human or animal skin, inject anaesthetic, and then suck your blood without you knowing. Some people react to the bite and show obvious evidence in the form of visible insect bite marks, while others show little evidence of being bitten by Bed Bugs.

During her lifetime, a female Bed Bug can lay 200-500 eggs.

This insect can enter a "dormant" state for up to 9 months, allowing it to go long periods without feeding.

Purchase Bed Bug Products

It is critical to locate the Bed Bugs before beginning treatment. Bugscent Bed Bug Lures, a new product for 2021, are extremely appealing; click on the link for more information.

First, strip the bed and place all bedding in plastic bags, seal them, and remove them from the room. Vacuum the mattress and bed frame thoroughly.

Check the bed frame and mattress for blood spots, paying special attention to the headboard (back and front). The bed frame should be disassembled to its smallest components.

If you find live adults, keep a can of Rentokil Insectrol Crawling Insect Killer on hand; a quick spray will kill them before they have a chance to escape.

If the bed has a divan base, turn it upside down and carefully inspect it; if it has drawers, remove them and inspect them as well. Examine the divan base for signs of bed bug activity as well.

Remove drawers from bedside cabinets and inspect the top and bottom of the drawers, as well as the cabinet, to see if they are hiding underneath or on the back of the cabinet.

Check behind any wall fixings (lights) or pictures hanging near the bed.

Examine any windows near the bed behind curtains.

Hopefully, after the above works, you will have a better understanding of your problem and the extent of treatment required.

To protect treated mattresses, you can purchase special mattress covers that prevent re-infestation. These are very effective; to view our mattress cover section, click on the mattress image on the right.

Purchase Bed Bug Products

After a thorough search, you are now prepared to address the Bed Bug problem. We strongly advise using one of our Bed Bug Packs, which include everything you need to complete the job thoroughly and correctly.

FOGGING: Using a fog or smoke insecticide only kills exposed insects quickly; it is NOT a complete treatment in and of itself.

Before beginning treatment, put on a mask and gloves. Open all cupboard doors and drawers, as well as remove the mattress from the bed frame and stand it on end to allow the fog to reach all parts of the mattress. Seal any chimneys so that no fog escapes during the application. Take away any fish or other animals.
Close the windows and turn on the Insecto power fogger in the center of the room. To activate, remove the safety seal, push down the actuator, and twist to lock the ON position. Two hours must be spent evacuating the room. After two hours, open the room door and walk straight to the window, then leave the room for another ten minutes.

Purchase Bed Bug Products

Physical insecticide application is required for long-term Bed Bug eradication and control. We recommend Protector C Super water-based spray and our non-toxic Smite, both of which have been shown to effectively control Bed Bugs and other insects.

With your gloves and mask on, begin applying the Protector C Super to the mattress. We recommend a light spray to the entire mattress, paying special attention to seams and buttons. Pull back the buttons and seams as well, as these are high-risk areas for Bed Bugs to hide.

Spray the bedframe as well. We recommend that you disassemble the bed frame because bugs are frequently found hiding in frame joints. If you have a tubular frame, make sure it is completely sealed because bugs have been known to live inside tubular framework. Spray Rentokil Insectrol into any tubular framework holes.

Remove any drawers from a divan base bed and spray both the inside and outside of the drawers. Check around the feet because this is a favorite haunt of bed bugs, and if the base is folding, open it up and spray inside the fold section because this is another favorite bed bug haunt. Spray the entire divan base, paying special attention to the base edges, and use Smite inside the base framework for long-term protection.

Once the bed is finished, spray the floor area where the bed is usually placed, as well as the skirting boards where the bed head meets the wall. If there is evidence of activity on the wall, such as behind wallpaper joints, spray the wall as well.

Spray bedside cabinets, including the undersides of any drawers and the back panel, and any chest of drawers within 1 metre of the bed, or further afield if your inspection revealed activity in the cabinet. The same is true for wardrobes near the bed.

If there is activity near the bed, check the curtains and spray them with Protector C Super as well. Check the seams and top hook tape or tabs.

Once the surfaces are dry, use Smite to apply the dust under skirtings and into any voids where spraying would have been ineffective. Electrical sockets are a high-risk hiding place near beds.

Smite can be safely applied to electrical sockets and will remain there for many years, providing long-term protection against Bed Bugs. Turn off the ring main that serves the affected socket and test that the socket is dead before removing the front and spraying a light puff of Smite Dust into the back area of the socket where the cables are contained.

If your bedroom has bare floorboards, you will almost certainly benefit from lifting a board and applying Smite under the floor between joists.

Purchase Bed Bug Products

It is critical to perform follow-up Bed Bug treatments because, even if no further infestation is visible, there will still be eggs that have not hatched. The chemical strength of such eggs will have degraded by the time they hatch, and they may not kill emerging instars. Furthermore, some bugs may decide to lay dormant in response to the chemical treatment, so these Bed Bugs may reappear several months after your treatment, and in this case, all of the liquid used will have lost its potency. Only the Smite will continue to pose a threat to them.

So, two weeks after the initial treatment, a second treatment should be administered, followed by another one month later. If carried out thoroughly, these three treatments will eliminate the majority of infestations.

Unless the original application has been vacuumed away, your subsequent treatments do not need to include the use of Smite.

Re-treat all of the previously treated areas. The third Bed Bug treatment should not require the removal of the bed frame, as it did in the first two treatments.

Purchase Bed Bug Products
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