"Effortlessly Store Your Lay-Z-Spa: Essential Maintenance Tips"

Effortlessly Pack Away Your Lay-Z-Spa

Ease of dismantling and reassembling is one of the standout features of the Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs. If you are preparing your inflatable hot tub for a prolonged period of non-use or to store it for the winter, our step-by-step guide can make the cleaning and packing process a breeze.

Steps for Packing Down Your Lay-Z-Spa

Lay-Z-Spa guide on how to pack away an inflatable hot tub for winter.

The first thing you need to do before taking down your Lay-Z-Spa is disconnect the pump. Simply turn it off and unplug it. Next, remove the ChemConnect™ and filter housing, and seal the debris screens with stopper caps. Afterward, remove the couplings and unscrew and pull away the pump.

Clean and Dry the Pump

To clear out any dirt particles or scale buildup, rinse or backwash your pump with a garden hose. Once you do that, tilt the pump forward to ensure it is free of any remaining water. Next, turn on the AirJets™, attach the inflation hose, and insert its end into the water inlet pipes to remove any last droplets of water. You should wipe the surface and wait a couple of days for it to dry before storing it. If possible, it's best to bring it indoors to dry.

Drain the Water

Attach a hose to the lower outlet pipe of your Lay-Z-Spa and use a hose pipe adapter to direct the water flow into a drain. Remove the bottom stopper cap inside the liner and let the water flow out. Connect the hosepipe adapter to the lower drainpipe that comes from underneath the spa once the water level is below the lower outlet pipe. Lift the drain plug inside the bottom of the liner to let the last bit of water flow out. If necessary, you might need to flip the liner or tilt it to remove the water entirely. You can refer to your Lay-Z-Spa manual for drainage instructions.

Note: Because chemically treated water can kill flowers and discolour grass, it's best to lead your hose to a suitable drainage area. If you don't have a drainage valve or a hose adaptor, you can order them readily available from our website.

Clean Your Lay-Z-Spa

Before storing it, you must clean every part of your Lay-Z-Spa. Use an antibacterial spray, soapy water, and a damp cloth to scrub the inner part of the liner, outside, inflatable lid, and top cover. You may need a more extensive cleaning at the waterline and on the base. Rinse everything thoroughly with water and a damp cloth. You'll find it easier to rinse the liner's inside and outside if you put it on its side and use a hose.

Clean Filters and Accessories

Don't neglect your spa pillows, drinks holders, floor protectors, and filters. Clean them well to prepare them for your next Lay-Z-Spa session.

Dry Your Lay-Z-Spa Thoroughly

Mildew and mould thrive in damp environments, so dry your Lay-Z-Spa entirely before storing it. We suggest drying your inflatable hot tub first before deflating it since that simplifies the process. Use cloths and old towels to dry every part of your liner, lid, and top cover.

Pro Tip: If your liner has any moisture or droplets, connect the inflation hose from the pump to the liner and activate the AirJets™ for up to four to five hours or until there is no moisture left.

Deflate Your Inflatable Lay-Z-Spa

Preparing your Lay-Z-Spa for storage requires deflating the hot tub. Once it is completely dry, the Lay-Z-Spa deflation T Joint is your weapon of choice. Connect the T Joint to your AirJet™ outlet and the inflation hose. Attach the deflation hose attachment to the other end of the T Joint and insert it into the inflation valve. Press the AirJet™ button and your Lay-Z-Spa will swiftly deflate. For a demonstration, refer to this helpful video. If you're looking for a quicker alternative, unscrew and remove the inflation valve to let the air out, though pressing out extra air may be necessary.

Note: Always deflate your Lay-Z-Spa before storing it.

How to Fold Your Lay-Z-Spa Liner

Before storing, ensure the liner is completely dry. Sprinkle talcum powder on the interiors and exteriors to reduce the risk of sticking and absorb any moisture left. Fold the liner with care, making sure not to damage, twist, or crush the pipes. Begin by folding the left and right edges into the center, repeating the process once more. Next, fold the end nearest you toward the end with the pipes. The result should be a square or rectangle with the pipes poking out.

A guide on how to pack down a Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub

Storing Your Lay-Z-Spa

Protect Your Lay-Z-Spa

To protect your Lay-Z-Spa from any damage, it is suggested that you store it in a large plastic container along with the lid and top cover. Use the original box for your pump and fittings. To further protect your Lay-Z-Spa, wrap the liner tightly in a sheet of tarpaulin.

Where to Store Your Lay-Z-Spa

Store your Lay-Z-Spa in a garage or shed, keeping it raised off the ground to protect it from spillages or flood damage. A wooden pallet is a great option as it will effectively create a barrier between the floor and your Lay-Z-Spa, also preventing mice from burrowing their way inside. Make sure that it is well protected from damp.

Note: The liner is bulky, heavy, and difficult to move, so it may require assistance from another person or a wheelbarrow to transport it to your desired storage location.

Storing Your Lay-Z-Spa Inflated

If you have adequate space, some Lay-Z-Spa owners may choose to store their inflated liner. Always complete the cleaning process before inflation and be careful to store it in a secure location that is free from puncture risks or damage.

Video on How to Pack Away Your Lay-Z-Spa

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