Edinburgh to Glasgow Distance

Direct Flight from Edinburgh to Glasgow

Suppose you possess a private jet and have the opportunity to travel the shortest distance between Edinburgh, UK and Glasgow, UK in a straight line with the fastest possible speed. Due to the curvature of the Earth, the shortest distance is calculated using the "great circle" or the "as the crow flies" formula, the calculation of which involves an iterative Vincenty formula.

Flight Distance: 41 miles or 66 km

Flight Time: 35 minutes

Although the distance covered through driving may be less than the straight-line flight distance by 4 miles, thus making it about 1.1 times of the flight distance.

The time spent on a private plane will take half the time required to drive to the destination.

This flight takes less than an hour, and if you are looking to book a commercial flight, make sure to calculate the travel time which factors in the time taken to reach the local airport, check-in time for security, boarding, runway taxiing, landing on the other side, and arriving at your destination. Scroll further down to calculate a more realistic estimate of your flight time with these factors taken into consideration.

Visit this link to see the actual flight time.

Edinburgh to Glasgow Road Trip

Suppose you plan a road trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow, and you would like to explore the sights and make stops. In that case, Trippy can help you plan your travel itinerary in detail, visiting unique and exciting destinations along the way and enjoying a delicious meal at a fantastic restaurant.

Road Trip: 1 day of driving

After planning the entire itinerary, the total travelling time for the trip may be roughly estimated.

Travel Time: 3.5 hours on the road


Starting from Edinburgh, drive for a duration of 1.5 hours and stop at Dundee for approximately an hour.

Next, continue the drive for 29 minutes to stop at Broth3rs Restaurant and stay for an hour.

Drive for 26 minutes then halt at Auchterarder for an hour.

Drive for a further 22 minutes and stop at Stirling Castle for an hour.

Drive for 21 minutes and stop at Cumbernauld for an hour.

Finally, drive for 18 minutes and reach Glasgow.

For complete details on the itinerary, including recommended restaurants, hotels, and must-see attractions all along the way, check out the full road trip planner.

Flights from Edinburgh to Glasgow Airports

In the earlier calculation, we assumed that you owned a private jet and were only interested in knowing the flight time between the two cities. However, if you're like most people, you'll be flying on a commercial airline, which means you'll have to take into account the extra travel time required to get to and from the airport, wait for your flight, and reach your destination.

To provide you with a more accurate estimation of your travel, we've created a flight itinerary using real airports. Though in the future, you'll have the option to customize your own travel itinerary, we've chosen an example itinerary to give you an idea of what your travel experience might look like.

Departure airport: Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Arrival airport: Glasgow International Airport (GLA)

With these airports in mind, we can estimate the duration of travel to and from them based on their proximity to the city center.

Travel time to the airport: 19 minutes

Travel time to your destination: 22 minutes

Now, let's examine a real flight that connects EDI through BHD and arrives at GLA, and which is powered by Flybe. We can calculate the total duration of the flight, including take-off and landing times, taxi time on the runways, and average layover time of roughly 2 hours.

Duration of the initial flight: 46 minutes

Connecting airport: George Best Belfast City Airport (BHD)

Connection duration: 42 minutes

By taking into account the time spent getting to and from the airports, roughly 2 hours spent navigating the TSA security lines and waiting at the gate, and the connecting flight with a 2-hour layover, we can finally determine the total travel duration from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

Total travel time: 6 hours

To view the recommended airports, airlines, and routes on this flight itinerary, please refer to the flight planner.

Edinburgh to Glasgow flight times

How Far is the Trip in the Opposite Direction?

If you're traveling in a straight line, the distance is the same in both directions (or if you're driving the same roads back and forth). However, in reality, there may be many differences in your travel plans, so be sure to check out the reverse directions for the distance from Glasgow to Edinburgh or visit the main page to calculate the distance between cities.

If you are familiar with Edinburgh, please help fellow travelers by answering some questions about the city.

View Questions About Edinburgh

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