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  • Looking for cheap flights to Cyprus? Cheap flights to Cyprus from London £96 one-way - £144 round-trip, from Manchester £157 one-way - £223 round-trip, and from Edinburgh £235 one-way - £285 round-trip were discovered by 25% of our users.
  • Book at least one week before departure to get a lower-than-average price on flights to Cyprus.
  • July and August are considered high season. January is the cheapest month to fly to Cyprus.
  • Enter your preferred departure airport and dates of travel. into the search box above to find the most recent Cyprus flight deals
  • Find cheap flights to Cyprus operated by Wizz Air from London Gatwick (LGW) to Larnaca (LCA) Airport if you're looking for the quickest and most affordable routes from London. Larnaca Airport is typically the only airport from which direct flights from London are available.
  • If you're flying from Edinburgh to Paphos Airport (PFO), consider booking separate flights from Edinburgh Airport (EDI) to Larnaca Airport and from Larnaca to Paphos. A flight from Edinburgh to Paphos is nearly twice as expensive as booking separate flights.
  • If you fly into Manchester Airport (MAN), Ryanair and EasyJet offer low-cost flights to Cyprus. These are both direct flights to Paphos Airport and the most affordable options. These flights take approximately 4h 45min to complete.
  • When looking for cheap flights to Cyprus, keep in mind that the cheapest options are usually self-transfer options, which require you to collect your luggage and re-check in at your stopover.
  • The Republic of Cyprus recognizes two airports as legitimate: Larnaca Airport (LCA) and Paphos Airport (PFO). If you enter Cyprus from the north, keep in mind that the government may consider you to have entered the country through an illegal port of entry. You may be fined if you cross into the south, and you may encounter difficulties entering and exiting the Republic of Cyprus. You should also exit Cyprus via Larnaca or Paphos airports to avoid legal ramifications the next time you visit Cyprus. If you are only going to travel within Northern Cyprus, you can still enter from the north. Details on how to do so are provided in the answer to the second FAQ.
  • When visiting Cyprus, it is best to fly into Larnaca Airport in the north or Paphos Airport in the south. This allows you to freely travel between Cyprus's southern and northern regions without encountering immigration issues. Because Larnaca is closer to the northern border, if you want to visit both the northern and southern regions of Cyprus, you should fly to Larnaca Airport. If you want to visit Limassol, you can fly to either Larnaca or Paphos airports, as Limassol is located in the middle of the island.
  • Britons do not currently require visas for short stays in Cyprus. Check the UK government website for the most up-to-date information on traveling to Cyprus.
  • Your passport should be valid for the duration of your proposed stay in Cyprus; you do not need any additional validity on your passport. However, if you are traveling to the north of Cyprus, you should have at least 6 months validity on your passport from the date of entry.
  • The southern region's currency is the Euro. Turkish Liras are used in the north. There are no restrictions on the import or export of domestic or foreign currencies.

  • Traveling from London Heathrow is generally more expensive than from smaller airports, but there are a few airlines that provide low-cost flights to Cyprus. All flights to Cyprus depart from London Heathrow, and the cheapest flights are usually direct routes operated by British Airways. Sky Express also provides a low-cost option with a single layover at Athens Eleftherios V. Airport code (ATH)

  • Flights from Liverpool (LPL) to Cyprus always arrive in Larnaca and can be pricey. All flights from Liverpool to Larnaca offer self-transfer and frequently have lengthy layovers. You could save time and money by flying to London Luton and then taking a direct flight from Luton to Larnaca. If you plan your flights properly, it will be less expensive and take less time.

  • The St Hilarion Castle is located between Nicosia and Kyrenia. To get there, fly to Larnaca Airport and rent a car to drive across the border and to St Hilarion Castle. On KAYAK, you can find useful information under the "Car Rental" tab. If you rent a car, you must purchase additional insurance that covers travel north of the border, and you must check with the rental company to see if you are permitted to drive the car north of the border. There is no public transportation that crosses the border, and cab drivers from the south may refuse to take you across.

  • You can fly to Ercan Airport, but when you arrive, request that the entry stamp be placed on a separate sheet of paper. Keep the paper until you leave Northern Cyprus, and put the exit stamp on it as well. This is to avoid future immigration issues if you attempt to enter Cyprus from the south. Because all direct flights to Northern Cyprus originate in Turkey, you may find it more convenient to book a connecting flight through Istanbul.

  • It may be worth exchanging euros before your trip because exchanging money at airport bureau de change counters can be more expensive. However, if you are going to Northern Cyprus, you should not exchange all of your pounds for euros because they primarily use Turkish lira and you will lose more money on the exchange rate if you change from sterling to euro to lira.

  • The legal limits for duty-free goods per person are as follows: 0 5 litres of spirits, 2 packs of cigarettes (20 packs), and 1 bottle of wine

  • A direct flight from the United Kingdom to Cyprus takes approximately 6h 53m and covers a distance of 2122 miles. The most popular route is London-Larnaca, with a flight time of 4h 35m on average.

  • The cheapest ticket to Cyprus found in the last 72 hours was £23 one-way and £27 round-trip from the United Kingdom. The most popular route is London Heathrow to Larnaca, and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found in the last 72 hours on this route was £112.

  • The most frequent flights from the United Kingdom to Cyprus are operated by easyJet, British Airways, and American Airlines.

  • According to KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Larnaca (67% of total Cyprus searches). Paphos (29%) and Nicosia (4%) are the next most popular tourist destinations.

  • On flights to Cyprus, easyJet, Ryanair, and Wizz Air UK have waived change and cancellation fees. Confirm policies on the reservation site.

  • KAYAK's flight Price Forecast tool analyzes historical data to determine whether the price for a given destination and date is likely to change within 7 days, allowing travelers to decide whether to book now or wait.

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In 2023, the cheapest flights to Cyprus from the United Kingdom were discovered.

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