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For almost half a century, Thorpe Park has been offering numerous thrilling rides and attractions to families visiting from all over the world. With over 30 different rides and attractions, it is the ultimate family getaway spot suitable for all ages.

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No matter if you are a thrill seeker or simply seeking to spend quality time with your loved ones and friends, travelling to Thorpe Park from any major city within the UK is convenient. Train stations are easily accessible, allowing you to focus on planning your perfect itinerary and having fun.

Nothing compares to a train ride, especially one that takes you through the picturesque landscapes and sights within the UK. Therefore, we have compiled a guide detailing the most popular trains to Thorpe Park resort from your home city.

The Nearest Train Station to Thorpe Park

Staines Railway Station is the closest station to Thorpe Park, situated on the Waterloo to Reading line. It is about 31km down the line from London Waterloo, and multiple routes are available to reach this station. Both regular southwestern routes and links to the West Coast Main Line between London and other parts of the UK are included.

Thorpe Park is approximately 5km away from Staines Railway Station. You will need a valid train ticket to reach Staines, as Oyster cards, contactless payment cards, and Freedom Passes may not be valid for this journey. Contact us directly to learn more.

Once you arrive at Staines Railway Station, you have the option to walk, cycle, or take the 950 express bus to reach Thorpe Park. Buses to Thorpe Park are available every 15-20 minutes, but please refer to Staines Bus Station's official website for specifics.

London to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is located to the southwest of London, and you can reach it in under one hour from the city, via a comfortable train ride. If you are driving, it will take less than 30 minutes. However, we recommend that you save your energy for the amusement park!

Many major train stations within London can take you to Staines Railway Station, including London Euston, Victoria, Kings Cross, Waterloo, and Blackfriars. Some train routes are direct, and others may require one or two changes. Filter your route according to your preference, and choose your network rail of choice before travelling.

Bristol to Thorpe Park

The total travel time from Bristol to Thorpe Park (Staines Railway Station) is around three and a half hours. As the park opens at 10am, we suggest an early morning travel in order to make the most out of your day.

Although there are no direct trains available from Bristol to Staines Railway Station, there are multiple route options available with necessary changes. Travel from Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway requires a connection change at Reading.

Manchester to Thorpe Park

A one-way train journey from Manchester to Thorpe Park takes roughly less than four hours. Taking off from Manchester Piccadilly, you need to change at London Euston to get to Staines. If you decide to take the Reading route, the travel time will be slightly longer, at approximately four hours and 30 minutes.

Leeds to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park in Leeds is not your typical amusement park, but rather a buzzing business hub. To get there from West Yorkshire Combined Authority's Leeds City, you will need to change trains at least twice to reach Thorpe Park.

The Selby Line for Leeds currently has plans to build a train station within the projected extension of the East Leeds Parkway into the East Leeds Orbital Road. This will make travelling to Thorpe Park even more convenient for locals and visitors alike.

Birmingham to Thorpe Park

Travelling from Birmingham to Thorpe Park can take up to two hours, with two main train operators offering services between the two locations. You can book these services through our journey planner. Take a train from Birmingham New Street station and make your way to Staines by switching trains at either Reading or London Waterloo.

Plan your journey accordingly as travelling during peak hours and days can affect journey times. Checking the timetable in advance will keep you alert to any possible delays or traffic.

Liverpool to Thorpe Park

At over three hours away from Thorpe Park Resort by train, Liverpool can take a while to reach the park's location. A train from Liverpool Lime Street is available but requires two switches before you get to your destination.

Sheffield to Thorpe Park

Travelling from Sheffield by train to Thorpe Park Resort requires you to make a switch at London St Pancras station. The journey can take up to four hours depending on the time and day of travel.

Glasgow to Thorpe Park

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is easily accessible by road and rail. Travelling to Thorpe Park Resort is no exception. A commonly used route to get to Thorpe Park from Glasgow is via London Euston station, which takes approximately four and a half hours.

Book your train journey to Thorpe Park today

Travelling by train to Thorpe Park offers an exceptional experience with stunning views along the way and many photo opportunities. Book in advance to ensure you secure the best deals for your trip to Thorpe Park. Book your travel tickets to Staines railway stations now.

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