Dialing Ireland from the UK: Code 00353 and How-to Guide with 353 Country Code.

Ireland, located on the continent of Europe, is a country known for its vibrant culture and scenic landscapes. Its capital city, Dublin, is a hub for business, tourism, and entertainment.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Calling Ireland from the UK

If you need to call someone in Ireland from the UK, simply follow these instructions:

    1. Dial the international call prefix, which is "00" or " " (if calling from a mobile phone) when calling from the UK.

    2. Then, dial the country code for Ireland, which is 353.

    3. After that, dial the phone number, omitting the first zero if there is one.

    4. Here are some of the area telephone codes for major towns and cities in the Republic of Ireland:

    • - Carlow – 059
    • - Cork – 021
    • - Drogheda – 041
    • - Dublin – 01
    • - Dundalk – 042
    • - Ennis – 065
    • - Galway – 091
    • - Kilkenny – 056
    • - Limerick – 061
    • - Navan – 046
    • - Waterford – 051

    5. If you're calling a landline number within Ireland or from an Irish mobile phone, use the 0 prefix with the area code.

    6. If you're calling from a landline in the same area, do not use the 0 prefix or area code.

    7. When calling from abroad, do not use the 0 prefix with the area code.

    For example, if you're calling a Dublin number (XXXXXXXXX) from the UK:

    • Dial: 00-353-1-XXXXXXXXX or 353-1-XXXXXXXXX.

    The Ireland country code is 353, and mobile phone numbers in Ireland typically start with 08. If you're calling a mobile phone number from another phone in Ireland, just dial the 10-digit number. If you're calling from abroad, dial the international call prefix, the Ireland country code, and then the subscriber’s mobile phone number without the 0. For example, call a mobile phone number (8XXXXXXXXX) from the UK:

    Dial: 00-353-8XXXXXXXXX or 353-8XXXXXXXXX.

    There are three primary mobile network providers in Ireland: eir, Three, and Vodafone. All three offer various mobile phone plans, some aimed at individuals and some at businesses. Virtual mobile network providers such as Lycamobile and Virgin Mobile operate by piggybacking off the infrastructure of these three main providers, but typically offer lower rates and additional benefits.

    According to the World Bank, the number of fixed-line (landline) phone subscribers in Ireland has decreased steadily in recent years, falling from 51.81 per 100 people in 2007 to 31.99 per 100 people in 2021. This is largely due to the widespread availability and decreasing cost of mobile phone plans, which many people now prefer over landlines.

    More than ever before, people are choosing alternative methods to traditional landlines to stay connected with others. One popular option is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like Skype and WhatsApp. As a result, it is expected that the use of landlines will continue to decline in the near future.

    According to the World Bank, mobile phone subscriptions have increased in Ireland with 107.77 subscribers per 100 people in 2021. The table reveals that these figures have fluctuated in recent years.

    In 2020, 92.00% of the population in Ireland were active internet users- a significant increase from 2006 when only 54.82% of the population were users. This is due to the widespread use of mobile devices and the implementation of high-speed broadband. The internet is now an indispensable and unparalleled channel for people to connect, share, and transact online.

    To cater to the growing demand for broadband services, the Irish government has launched the National Broadband Plan in 2019. This is part of efforts to extend high-speed broadband access not only to households but to businesses as well.

    Finally, the currency used in Ireland is the Euro (EUR), with exchange rates against the British Pound (GBP) which are frequently updated.

    At 4:19 pm GMT on Monday 19th of June 2023, 1 euro (EUR) was worth 0.854 GBP, while 1 British pound (GBP) was worth 1.171 EUR.

    Nestled on the western periphery of Europe is a diminutive country named Ireland, also called the Republic of Ireland.

    The Irish island is bifurcated into two states – the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The former comprises five-sixths of Ireland's landmass, while the latter comprises the remainder.

    The Republic of Ireland is encircled by the Atlantic Ocean from the south and the west. The Irish Sea separates it from Great Britain, while it shares its only land boundary with Northern Ireland, one of the United Kingdom's regions.

    The country accommodates a total area of 70,273 square kilometres. The highest point in the Republic of Ireland is Carrauntoohil, reaching a height of 3,407 feet above sea level.

    Dublin, the bustling capital city, is the largest metropolis in the country. Moreover, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford are other revered cities in the Republic of Ireland.

    Ireland experiences mild summers and cool winters, with precipitation moderately distributed throughout the year. Although precipitation is heaviest in late fall and winter, the country's proximity to large water bodies and the Atlantic Ocean makes its climate notably milder in contrast to other countries at the same latitude. Consequently, Ireland is ideal for crop cultivation, including wheat and potatoes. Coastal areas are brimming with fishing activities because of the abundant supply of fish in Irish waters.

    While English is the primary language of communication, Irish holds the status of an official language too.

    The Republic of Ireland teems with enthralling activities and tourist hotspots. Dublin, the thriving capital, is replete with attractions such as the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College, and the National Museum of Ireland.

    Here is some useful information regarding Ireland:

    • ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code: IE
    • ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country code: IRL
    • Region: Europe
    • Sub-region: Northern Europe
    • Capital: Dublin
    • Area: 70,273 square km
    • Language(s): Irish and English
    • Borders: United Kingdom
    • As per 2021 World Bank data, the population of Ireland stood at 5,033,165.

    In 2007, the population was 4,398,942, resulting in a surge of 634,223 (14.4%) over the last 15 years.

    The table below exhibits the annual population of Ireland:

    • Year Total Population of Ireland
    • 2021 5,033,165
    • 2020 4,985,382
    • 2019 4,934,340
    • 2018 4,867,316
    • 2017 4,807,388
    • 2016 4,755,335
    • 2015 4,701,957
    • 2014 4,657,740
    • 2013 4,623,816
    • 2012 4,599,533
    • 2011 4,580,084
    • 2010 4,560,155
    • 2009 4,535,375
    • 2008 4,489,544
    • 2007 4,398,942
    • Refer to the appended map to find the location of Ireland.
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