Demystifying Russian Oligarchs: Pronunciation and Insider Insights

I. Introduction

- Conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues with no sign of easing

- 'Crackdown' on Russian oligarchs is being talked about

- Some people are unfamiliar with the term 'Russian oligarch'

II. Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

- Civilians fleeing with their children in search of safety

- Some killed at the very start of their journey

- Neighbourhoods reduced to ruins and people killed

- Ceasefires and humanitarian corridors breached

III. What is a Russian Oligarch?

- A businessman who is among the country's richest and most powerful people

- Rapidly accumulated wealth during the era of Russian privatization in the 1990s

- Typically own jets, yachts, and mansions

IV. Examples of Russian Oligarchs

- Chelsea Football club owner Roman Abramovich

- Majority of his fortune is derived from selling previously Russian state-owned assets

V. Pronunciation of Oligarch


  • - Definition of oligarchy as government by a small and privileged group who use their power unfairly
  • - Oligarchs in Russia are ultrawealthy business elites with disproportionate political power
  • - First wave of oligarchs emerged from privatisation in the 1990s and the "loans for shares" scheme, where the government intentionally defaulted on loans and auctioned off stakes in large companies to select tycoons
  • - Second wave of oligarchs emerged after Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000 and enriched a new legion of oligarchs who owe their enormous fortunes to him
  • - US President Joe Biden is drawing up a list of Russian oligarchs for his sanctions list and is joining with European allies to seize their assets
  • - The Guardian reported the Russian oligarchs joining the US sanctions list and a few others with notable US ties
  • - Video of the week (link to YouTube video)
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