Curtains from Dunelm that will make your home cozier

There are a few things that add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor. The curtains you choose are an important consideration. No room is complete until your windows are dressed, from blackout curtains to soft sheers.

That is why Dunelm attracts customers from all over the UK. With hundreds of drapes in a variety of sizes, colors, and opacities at low prices, it's no surprise that Dunelm curtains are popular. So we've gathered our top picks to assist you in making your house feel more like a home.

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Dunelm has blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains are perhaps the most practical of all drapes. You might think of blackout drapes as drab because they are designed to keep out all sunlight. But they've come a long way, and there are now so many stylish options that you don't have to sacrifice your looks for a good lie in.

All Dunelm blackout curtains can be found here.

For some additional inspiration, here are the Best Buys team's top picks for Dunelm blackout curtains:

Luna Block Eyelet Blackout Curtain

Photographer: Dunelm

Although blackout curtains are typically quite heavy, the Luna Block curtain gives the impression of being light. The drop seam lengthens the window, making it appear taller even if your ceilings are standard height. Brushed nickel grommets add a modern touch to the look while also allowing you to easily open and close the curtains. These curtains are available in a variety of sizes, as well as 'Blush and Dove Grey,' and they also function as thermal curtains.

Curtains with Highland Check Ochre Eyelet

Photo by Dunelm

These tartan-esque curtains are a great choice for adding texture to your space for a more traditional look. The combination of subtle yellow ochre and classic beige creates a timeless look that blends in seamlessly with the aesthetic of a country estate. But don't be fooled by them. When combined with the right interior design, these blackout curtains complete a more modern look that pays homage to English heritage. These curtains have a brushed wool look but are made of 100% polyester.

Today's prices start at £75.

Looking for the next level of comfort? Learn how to hygge your home today.

Curtains Lucetta Jewel Pencil Pleat

Photographer: Dunelm

Dunelm has a plethora of solid color drapes to suit almost any room, which is likely why this set of blackout curtains piqued our interest. The Lucetta Jewel Curtains are anything but simple, with an intricate design that we believe William Morris would approve of. Despite their intricate design, these curtains' color palette softens the look and allows them to fit into a variety of rooms. They can liven up a dark, moody room or add visual interest to a more monochromatic space. These curtains have a pencil pleat finish that gives them a more tailored appearance. These Dunelm curtains are available in a variety of sizes and come in a set of two.

Purchase yours from Dunelm today.

Voile Dunelm curtains are light and airy.

Soft sheers are a lovely way to soften the feel of a room, from the bedroom to the living room. Voiles, which vary in opacity, filter sunlight while providing more privacy in a room during the day. Sheer curtains work well with heavier curtains that block out the sun, or they can be used alone depending on the look you want.

Shop the entire collection of Dunelm voile curtains.

Lana Tassel Voile Panel in Monochrome

Photographer: Dunelm

This classic pyjama-stripe panel is a stylish way to spruce up an otherwise uninteresting space. We love how versatile these curtains are; they would look equally at home in a modern and sleek city flat or in a child's room. These curtains, which are fairly opaque for a sheer panel, will let some light in while maintaining privacy within your room. The voile panels are sold individually and are machine washable. Oh, and they also come in 'Butterscotch.'

Single Voile Macrame Border Ecru Hidden Tab Top

Photographer: Dunelm

Macrame has made a full comeback, bringing a little '70s flair into the twenty-first century. With just an accent of macrame fringe at the top, this simple voile panel adds a boho, rustic touch to a room. The triangular pattern dresses up the plain linen blend curtain, and the ecru color scheme emphasizes the curtain's natural feel.

Dunelm Made-to-Order Curtains

While ready-made curtains are adequate for most windows, you may require curtains made to measure, which Dunelm can provide. Whether you want a more tailored look or have an unusual window to dress, having curtains made by the UK retailer is fairly simple. To get started, you can schedule a free consultation to go over what will work best for your home. You can order fabric samples online and be shown how to properly measure your windows, and then voila! Your custom curtains are in the works. Searching for blinds Dunelm has you covered with Made To Measure Roman Blinds as well.

More information on Dunelm Made To Measure Curtains

Esme Floral Made to Measure Curtains

Photographer: Dunelm

These mustard-colored esme floral curtains are a beautifully updated take on traditional drapes and provide the perfect pop of color. The large floral pattern is ideal for larger spaces or larger windows, and it will undoubtedly become a focal point in your home. Because they are made to order, you can personalize them by selecting your preferred lining as well as the curtain style, which includes pinch pleat, eyelet, and pencil pleat options.

Gatsby Made-to-Order Curtains

Photographer: Dunelm

These drapes, appropriately named the Gatsby curtain, are heavily inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920s. A gold geometric pattern is perfectly complemented by a deep green background, creating a luxurious appearance. These statement curtains are not for the faint of heart, but they are sure to catch the attention of house guests. Request a free sample of the Gatsby Lalique fabric to see how it will complement your daring home decor.

Notable mentions

Purity Kempley Blackout Eyelet Curtains by Dorma

Photographer: Dunelm

You might be interested in Dorma curtains if you've read our review of Dorma bedding at Dunelm. These textured jacquard panels are a perfect addition to any room, especially if your style is understated and classic. These blackout curtains complement a variety of Dorma duvet sets and instantly make any space feel more luxurious. We love how these curtains are designed down to the smallest detail, right down to the lining. If you're left wanting more, Dunelm stocks the entire Dorma Purity line.

Single Voile Panel Cartmel Linen White

Photographer: Dunelm

A simple white sheer curtain has a dreamy quality to it. As the sun filters through the 100% linen fabric, you'll notice a slight texture in the fabric. This panel is a beautiful home decor accessory produced by The Edited Life, a brand that promotes considered living rather than buying for the sake of buying. You won't need to replace this voile panel anytime soon, and you can easily reuse it in different rooms as your decor tastes change.

Prices were last updated on October 3, 2022. We are not liable for any changes to the above-mentioned prices.

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