Creating a Counterfeit Black Eye: A Comprehensive Walkthrough.

To create the illusion of a bruise, blend purple, dark purple, and yellow shades of eyeshadow around the eye area. For added effect, apply red cream eyeliner to the corner and lid of the eye to make it seem extra sensitive and irritated. Once applied, set the bruise with face powder to ensure it stays in place and then add a thin layer of Vaseline on top to give it a realistic shine.

Before starting, be sure to clean the skin around the eye with a gentle cleanser and cool water. It's important to take care not to scrub or pull the skin, as it is sensitive. Additionally, primer or foundation can help the makeup stay in place and last for longer. There are numerous inexpensive options available on the market.


When applying the eyeshadow, use a finger or a small brush to blend the colors in a circular motion, extending it underneath the eye and into the crease of the lid. Opt for matte eyeshadow and avoid any sparkles or shimmers. You may be able to purchase a small palette specifically designed for creating a bruised eye, featuring purple shades along with bright or rust red, mustard yellow, and olive green.

To create a tender, swollen effect, use a small makeup brush or sponge to apply a darker cream eyeshadow on the corner of the inner eye and down along the natural bag under the eye. It can also be brushed onto the crease of the upper lid to make the eye appear more swollen. Remember, the skin around the eye area is thin and sensitive, so always use gentle and careful application techniques.

To style a bruise that has been present for a few days, ensure that the shading is conspicuously dark. For a bruise that is starting to heal, maintain lighter shading.

For optimal results, use thick, creamy red eyeliner. It gives the illusion of irritated and sensitive eyes. You could also faintly dab it above or below the eye, and then blend it into your skin with a makeup sponge or your finger. This will make your eye appear swollen and tender.[7]

To make the black eye appear larger and cover a larger area around your eye, blend a small amount of red eyeliner near the brow. You can also use it in conjunction with the tops of your cheekbones.

Using a makeup sponge, apply the eyeshadow. Carefully dab it over the edges of your purple makeup, allowing for some overlap. A few days old black eye usually appears yellow and gives off the impression of tender skin that is healing.[8]

For a ghastly black eye, dip the same sponge into green cream eye shadow and apply it to the yellow makeup. You can blend it with your finger.

To keep the fake bruise in place, use face powder. Apply it gently with a large makeup brush, ensuring coverage over the entire eye area.[9]

This will allow the pigments to settle in such a way that they will be less likely to crease.[10]

In the absence of face or translucent powder, you could opt for a powdered blush in a reddish hue. Bear in mind that it will make the brush look fresher and more irritated.

For a realistic sheen on your fake black eye, transparent jelly is key. It's readily available in beauty supply stores, but if it's not obtainable, petroleum jelly will suffice. Just apply a small amount of either jelly under your eye with your finger.[11]

Nini Efia Yang

Once you have applied face or setting powder, it is vital to follow up with the below steps, or you run the risk of losing your jelly's shine.

To make your black eye appear genuine, it's crucial to blur the edges adequately. Black eyes that look real are inconsistent and blotchy, so visible makeup lines should be avoided. A makeup sponge, brush, or your fingertips are all suitable tools to use, and you should lightly blend the spots where varying colors meet.

Bear in mind that your goal is merely to blur the edges, so avoid overdoing it, as this will result in losing the distinct layers of color you have applied.

For those who wonder which colors are most effective in creating a fake black eye, yellows, greens, and purples are ideal. Fortunately, countless useful pictures on Google can serve as guides for the pattern of the makeup. Using the colors mentioned, you can recreate the look on your skin to make the black eye more authentic and convincing.

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