Crafting a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

This comprehensive Minecraft guide will illustrate the process of forging a wooden sword through illuminative visuals and meticulous step-by-step directives.

Within the vast realm of Minecraft, the wooden sword constitutes a mere fraction of the diverse arsenal at your disposal. Exhibiting a formidable attack damage of 4, this weapon embodies an essential tool in your quest.

wooden sword

Now, let us embark upon an exploration into the art of creating a wooden sword.

Supported Platforms

Within the mesmerizing realms of Minecraft, the wooden sword prevails in the following versions:

Platform Support (Version*)

Java Edition (PC/Mac) - Confirmed

Pocket Edition (PE) - Verified

Xbox 360 - Validated

Xbox One - Verified

PS3 - Validated

PS4 - Verified

Wii U - Confirmed

Nintendo Switch - Verified

Windows 10 Edition - Established

Education Edition - Certified

NB: It is worth noting that Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition are now collectively referred to as the Bedrock Edition. Consequently, for historical reference purposes, we shall continue to individually showcase their respective version histories.

Education Edition

Where to Discover a Wooden Sword in Creative Mode

Essential Materials for Crafting a Wooden Sword

In the ever-enchanting universe of Minecraft, these are the fundamental resources you may employ to fashion a wooden sword:

NB: The beauty of your craft lies in the freedom to utilize any variant of wood planks. Thus, there is no need to laboriously amass them all.

Achieving the Creation of a Wooden Sword in the Challenging Survival Mode

1. Unveiling the Crafting Menu

To initiate your endeavor, kindly access your crafting table by unhinging its intricately crafted lid. By doing so, you will be graced with an expansive 3x3 crafting grid, visually resembling the following:

2. Imbue the Sacred Artefacts to Bestow Life upon Your Wooden Sword

In the menu for creating items, you will find a crafting section consisting of a 3x3 grid. To fashion a wooden sword, arrange 2 planks of wood and 1 stick within this grid.

When working with wood planks, you have the freedom to use various types, such as oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, mangrove, bamboo, crimson, warped, or cherry planks. For this example, we will be utilizing oak planks.

When assembling a wooden sword, it is imperative to place the wood planks and stick in the precise manner displayed in the image below. The first row should contain 1 wood plank in the middle box. In the second row, place 1 wood plank in the middle box. In the third row, position 1 stick in the middle box. This arrangement constitutes the Minecraft recipe for crafting a wooden sword.

Once the crafting area has been properly filled with this pattern, the wooden sword will materialize in the adjacent box.

3. Transfer the Wooden Sword to Your Inventory

Upon successfully creating a wooden sword, you must transfer the newly crafted item to your inventory.

Congratulations! You have successfully fashioned a wooden sword in Minecraft!

Item ID and Name

Give Command for Wooden Sword

Attack Damage and Durability

The attack damage denotes the amount of harm inflicted upon a mob when using this weapon.

On the other hand, durability represents the lifespan of the item. For tools, weapons, and means of transportation, the durability signifies the number of effective actions before the item becomes unusable. Regarding armor items, durability signifies the number of hits that can be absorbed by the armor before it becomes unusable. Hence, the higher the durability value, the longer the item will persist.

The ensuing table displays the attack damage and durability for each weapon present in Minecraft.

Enchantments for Wooden Sword

Within the realm of Minecraft, you possess the ability to bestow various enchantments upon a wooden sword, including:



The Bane of Arthropods enchantment can be utilized to amplify the attack damage against arthropods. The Curse of Vanishing enchantment, on the other hand, triggers the disappearance of cursed items once the player dies. Fire Aspect sets the target on fire, while Knockback enhances the knockback effect, causing enemies to repel backwards. Looting increases the amount of loot dropped when a mob is killed, and Mending utilizes experience points to mend tools, weapons, and armor. Sharpness amplifies the attack damage dealt to mobs, while Smite augments the attack damage against undead mobs. Sweeping Edge increases the damage of the sweep attack, and Unbreaking enhances the durability of an item by decreasing the chances of the tool, weapon, or armor taking durability damage when used. For a complete and interactive list of Minecraft Enchantments, you can refer to the following link: Complete List of Minecraft Enchantments.

Things to Craft with Wooden Swords

There are several items that can be crafted using wooden swords in the Minecraft game. If you wish to find out how to make an enchanted wooden sword, you can click on this link: Craft an Enchanted Wooden Sword.

Things to Explore with Wooden Swords

In Minecraft, you can engage in various activities using wooden swords. If you want to learn how to repair a sword, you can visit this link: How to Repair a Sword. Additionally, if you are interested in naming your sword, you can follow this tutorial: How to Name a Sword.

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