Cost of Vehicle Wrapping in 2022: How Much Does It Really Cost to Cover a Car in Vinyl?

Danny Woodley created this guide to car wrapping costs, which was updated on April 9th, 2022 and posted in the Motoring Corner.

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(Update April 2022: We updated our car wrapping prices in April '22, and the figures below reflect recent inflationary increases.) Given the recent price volatility, we strongly advise customers to shop around and obtain at least three quotes. Prices may rise or fall in the near future, depending on materials and labor costs. )

Car wrapping is one of the most affordable ways to personalize almost any vehicle, from your daily driver or sports car to a van or commercial vehicle.

Your motor will look truly unique with a high-quality wrap - there are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. You can also choose to wrap only a portion of your vehicle; skirts, spoilers, bonnets, and roofs are all popular areas for customization.

This page is all about car wrapping prices - how much we believe you should pay based on quotes from specialist car wrapping companies in the UK.

But first...

What do you think the cost of car wrapping is?

We frequently ask visitors to our website how much they believe certain projects should cost.

Can you answer the following question?

(April 2022: Our poll was published in 2019 and has now reached its maximum number of respondents (100,000), so it has been closed. You may find the answers interesting, but in reality, most people underestimate the cost of most projects. )

Specifics That Influence the Cost of a Car Wrap

Because every vehicle on the road is different, no two car wraps are alike; consider the following points:

  1. The vehicle's size - in general, a small car like a Ford Ka will be less expensive than a large 4x4.
  2. The complexity of the vehicle surface - even small cars can have many curves, lines, grooves, and other complex design features that increase the time required to complete the wrap.
  3. The condition of the existing paintwork - vinyl will not adhere to rust, and any existing dents or deep scratches on the vehicle's surface will be visible through the new wrap.
  4. Aftermarket parts installed - any aftermarket sills, spoilers, bumpers, or other aftermarket parts will lengthen the project's completion time.
  5. Any existing graphics or vinyl - a new vinyl wrap can only adhere to paintwork in good condition, so any existing graphics or vinyl must be removed.
  6. The type of vinyl used to wrap the car - the cheapest vinyl is an off-the-shelf solid color. Chrome, satins, and two-tone colors are more expensive, as are custom-designed patterns.

Take into account...

The prices listed below do not include any existing paintwork repairs or the cost of removing the vinyl wrap.

Custom car colors and wraps can depreciate some vehicles; for example, an original red Ferrari is always more valuable than a custom blue wrapped Ferrari.

While you may prefer a specific color, buyers prefer the original paintwork and color.

Our Price Guide for Car Wrapping

We asked eight car wrapping companies to quote us on the cost of wrapping a Ford Focus 2016 and a BMW 4 series coupe in solid standard colors.

The following are the specifics for the Focus:

  • 2016 Ford Focus Zetec model
  • The existing color is black.
  • The required color is a solid red.
  • There are no repairs needed because the existing paintwork is in good condition.

In terms of the BMW:

  • 2015 BMW 4 Series Coupe
  • The current color is white.
  • Blue is the required color.
  • The existing paintwork is in good condition, and no repairs are required.

The following is an average of the eight prices we received for car wrapping on each vehicle:

Project for a Car Wrap: Price: Ford Focus 2016, complete color change to gloss red £2500 00 inc VAT The color of the BMW 4 Series 2015 full car wrap has been changed to gloss blue. £2850 00 inc VAT

The prices for car wrapping shown above were last updated in 2019.

We hope this information was useful to you.

We did notice some significant price differences between the companies we contacted, so it's always worth shopping around and getting multiple quotes for wrapping, at least three.

Is car wrapping more or less expensive than a respray?

We looked into car respray costs as part of our research into UK motoring costs.

In general, a low-end respray is less expensive than an average car wrap, but a good quality respray is more expensive than a good quality car wrap.

Of course, a car wrap is only temporary and can be removed, whereas a respray is permanent and can be costly to repair.

Check out our cost of car respray guide here.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Car Wrap?

We asked several car wrapping companies how much it would cost to remove a car vinyl wrap from a medium-sized car, and the average cost was slightly more than £625 per vehicle.

Car Wrapping Frequently Asked Questions

How does car wrapping vinyl adhere to the surface of the vehicle?

The vinyl is manufactured in rolls with a sticky back tape that is removed just prior to installation; the mild adhesive is just enough to secure the vinyl without damaging the paintwork.

What is the lifespan of a vinyl wrap?

A car vinyl wrap is only temporary, and most only last about 5 years.

How difficult is it to get rid of a car wrap?

To remove a car vinyl wrap, a heat gun set to a specific temperature is used first to soften the material, and the sticky residue is then removed with liquid and chemicals designed to protect the paint. The process is time-consuming, and avoiding paint damage necessitates caution and expertise.

Is there any assurance that removing the car wrap will not harm the paintwork?

Unfortunately, there are numerous scenarios in which a poorly installed car wrap may damage the paintwork, which may not be apparent until the wrap is removed many years later: moisture under the vinyl, tool scratches existing rust, etc., which is not the fault of the company removing the wrap

Is car wrapping effective in protecting the paintwork?

Yes, but only if installed and removed by a professional. Waxing and translucent spray paint may be more effective ways to protect paintwork.

Can a car wrap be used to cover and conceal scratches, rust, and other surface flaws?

No, a vinyl wrap should only be used on well-maintained paintwork. Any existing rust will almost certainly spread beneath the vinyl, and scratches and dents will be visible through the thin layer of vinyl.

Danny Woodley wrote this car wrapping cost guide, which was last updated in April 2022.

More automotive price guides, such as window tinting, servicing, paint respraying, and air-conditioning refills, can be found on our website.

Check out our UK Motoring Price Guide for more information.

Author - Danny Woodley
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