Constructing a Drainage System for Water Absorption

Main Points to Consider:

  • Prior to installing a soakaway, it is necessary to conduct a percolation test to determine its effectiveness.
  • A soakaway should be situated at least 5 meters away from the property.
  • When excavating a hole for the soakaway, ensure that there is a 150mm layer of shingle on all sides.
  • Do not install the soakaway near any electric cables or gas and water mains pipes.

A soakaway system functions by collecting rainwater in the area and gradually distributing it back into the ground without causing soil flooding. If your property suffers from flooding or standing water issues, it can serve as an excellent solution. In the past, soakaways simply consisted of holes filled with waste and rubble. However, we now have products, like soakaway crates, that significantly enhance the system's efficiency and lifespan.

Below, we will discuss how to construct and install your soakaway system in a few uncomplicated steps. We will provide details about the necessary equipment and offer helpful tips along the way.

Choose the Appropriate Location

In order for your soakaway to function optimally, it is vital to select a suitable area. Ideally, it should be at least 5 meters away from your property or any retaining walls. If the chosen site slopes downward toward your property, it is advisable to position the soakaway even further away to prevent damage to foundations. Moreover, make sure that there are no underground services, such as gas and water mains pipes, drainage pipes, comms cables, or electrical cable ducts in the vicinity. If uncertain, consult your local authority planning officer to obtain site plans and adhere to building regulations to avoid any mishaps.

Additionally, you should conduct a soil percolation test to assess whether the soil on your property is suitable for a soakaway drainage system. Not all types of soil, such as heavy clay soils, are compatible with this kind of drainage. For guidance on performing a percolation test, refer to our blog post available at: this link

Excavate the Site

To accommodate the size and type of soakaway crates you possess (which come in various shapes and dimensions), you will need to dig a hole of appropriate dimensions, considering the base, backfill, and side fill requirements. Surrounding the crate, you must account for a layer of shingle measuring approximately 15cm (150mm or 6 inches) on all sides. Therefore, incorporate this measurement when excavating the pit. For instance, if you opt for our popular product, the Geocell 1m3 Soakaway Crate Kit, you will need to dig a hole that is 1530mm long, 970mm wide, and 1600mm deep. This accounts for the crates in a 4x4 configuration, a 150mm layer of pea shingle (10/20mm) on the sides, top, and bottom, as well as 400mm of cover over the top.

Although manual excavation is an option, using a mini digger is more efficient. It saves time and effort while being generally inexpensive to hire.

Enhance Your Soakaway with a Pre Filter

Although not absolutely necessary, fitting a pre filter will significantly prolong the lifespan of your soakaway and maintain its optimum performance. An excellent example is a silt trap that is strategically positioned just above the soakaway crate and after the drainage pipe. This ingenious device effectively captures and retains dirt particles and other debris from rainwater runoff, preventing them from entering the crate chamber.

To ensure the functionality of your silt trap, it is recommended to remove and clean the removable bucket every two to three months. By doing so, you can effectively prevent debris from infiltrating your soakaway system and causing clogs or damage that may result in the complete replacement of the entire system in the future.

Prepare the Foundation

Once you have excavated the proper-sized hole, it's important to meticulously clear any stones, roots, and rubble from the base. Additionally, strive to achieve a smooth bottom surface for the pit. Next, you should add a 150mm thick layer of compacted 20mm pea shingle as a solid base for the crates.

Install Your Soakaway Crates

Before placing the crates into the hole, it is crucial to line the hole with a reliable geotextile membrane. By properly wrapping the membrane around the crates and the inlet pipe, you can effectively prevent the ingress of dirt and silt, thereby maximizing the water storage capacity.

Gently lower the crates into the prepared hole and secure the non woven geotextile membrane around them, ensuring complete coverage of the pipe entry point and all exposed surfaces. If necessary, use clips or cable ties to hold the crates together until the side fill is added, providing additional stabilization to the structure.

Connect the Pipes

The specific entry points for the pipes may vary depending on the crate manufacturer. Some crates may have designated knock outs or cut outs, while others require the pipe to be buttressed against the crate wall or run across the top. In cases where only one pipe is used, orient the other crates so that their entry areas face inward, preventing the sagging of the membrane.

Align the pipe with the entry point, mark the center, and cut across the membrane. Fold back the cut section to create a space for the pipe to be inserted approximately 150mm. Securely tape the excess membrane around the pipe to ensure a tight and reliable fit.

Backfill the Soakaway

The side fill acts as crucial support for the crates. Begin by strategically placing a layer of 150mm pea shingle around the structure, facilitating efficient water flow out of the crates. This side fill also guarantees the structural integrity of the soakaway, protecting it against potential movement or ground disturbances.

Once the side fill is in place, proceed to add another 150mm layer of pea shingle on top of the crates. Finally, cover the entire system with a minimum 400mm depth of soil, adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines for garden soakaway systems. For soakaways in driveways, car parks, or roads, it may be necessary to increase the soil depth.

Expert Installation Advice

While installing soakaways is generally straightforward, it is always wise to have a comprehensive understanding of the process and the necessary materials. If you require additional guidance on constructing your entire soakaway or choosing the ideal backfilling material, feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are dedicated to assisting you with all your drainage requirements.

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