"Conquer Mount Snowdon: How Many Hours Until You Reach the Summit?"

Standing tall as one of the most renowned and iconic vistas in the UK, Snowdon represents a majestic and imposing mountain that reaches a staggering height of 1085m, making it the highest peak in Wales and England. Nestled in North Wales, Snowdon attracts an average of 400,000 hikers annually, all of whom are indulged with awe-inspiring views that spread for miles on end. Breathtaking panoramas of jagged ridges, awe-inspiring valleys, and glittering lakes make the climb all the more worthwhile, with clear days promising glimpses of the Isle of Man and even Ireland!

The name "Snowdon" translates to "Snow Hill," indicating the snow-covered parts of the mountain that could be seen peeking out regularly. The Welsh name "Yr Wyddfa" means "Burial Place," possibly alluding to legends that predict Snowdon as the final resting place of Rhitta Gawr, the giant who met his end at the hands of King Arthur.

Wondering about how long it takes to reach Snowdon's summit? Depending on your chosen route, the hike should take you roughly 5-7 hours to and from the top, though taking the Snowdon Mountain Railway could have you at the peak in a mere hour instead! Take your pick of the routes listed below to get a sense of how long your journey is likely to take and the distance you'll cover.

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Snowdon at Night TrekSnowdon at Night Trek



The Different Routes

Six unique routes lead to Snowdon's peak, each featuring its own level of difficulty, duration, and distance. All six routes are fantastic in their own right, offering breathtaking views of Snowdonia National Park in the process.

The Llanberis Path

The Llanberis Path is the longest and most gradual route, affording stunning views of the mountain's surrounding areas. We take this easy-to-follow path up and down on our Snowdon at Night challenge, with participants getting to witness the breathtaking sunrise across Snowdonia National Park.

Distance (round-trip): 9 miles

Time (round-trip): Roughly 5-7 hours

Starting Point: Snowdon Mountain Railway

Total Ascent: 975m

The Pyg Track

This route offers a range of fantastic views as hikers indulge in sights of the Llanberis Path, Crib Goch, shimmering lakes, and of course, the stunning summit itself. The Pyg Track is used for climbing Snowdon on our Three Peaks Challenge.

Distance (round-trip): 7 miles

Time (round-trip): Roughly 5-7 hours

Starting Point: Pen y Pass Car Park

Total Ascent: 723m

The Miners Path

The Miners Path begins at Pen y Pass Car Park, embarking along a relatively gradual climb featuring stunning lake views before a steep ascent to the summit.

Distance (round-trip): 8 miles

Time (round-trip): Roughly 5-7 hours.

Commencement Point: Pen y Pass Car Park

Total Elevation Gain: 723m

The Rhyd Ddu Path

This is the least traversed path to the peak and is acclaimed to be the first official ascent of Snowdon in 1639. Though it witnesses fewer footfalls than the other paths, it is equally stunning and provides breathtaking views of the Nantlle Ridge.

Distance (round trip): 8.5 miles

Time (round trip): 6-7 Hours (approx.)

Commencement Point: Rhyd Ddu Car Park

Total Elevation Gain: 895m

The Watkin Path

The Watkin Path, named after Sir Edward Watkin, is undeniably the most challenging of the six paths to the peak, with the greatest vertical gain. Some sections of this path are very steep with loose scree – however, the views are simply worth the sweat!

Distance (round trip): 8 miles

Time (round trip): 5-7 Hours (approx.)

Commencement Point: Pont Bethania Bridge Car Park

Total Elevation Gain: 1015m

The Snowdon Ranger Path

This path is one of the less frequented routes on Snowdon, trailing a rocky track before merging with the Llanberis Path, just before reaching the peak, boasting breath-snatching panoramas of the neighboring valleys, lakes, and ridges.

Distance (round trip): 8 miles

Time (round trip): 5-7 Hours (approx.)


Our Expert Recommendations to Optimize Your Snowdonian Expedition!

Serene Planning - ensures you choose a path suitable for your fitness level and stick to it. The major reason for the rise in mountain rescue operations on Snowdon is due to people mistakenly wandering off. Thus, make certain you remain on the designated route and carry a map or join our Snowdon at Night Trek, where you will be supervised by adept mountain leaders. Comfortable Footwear and Suitable Clothing - as the terrain can be staggeringly varied and bumpy, your footwear must be ankle-supporting trekking boots. Weather conditions on the mountain can be erratic, hence being prepared for all possibilities is vital. Check the Weather Forecast - to stay informed of the local weather forecast before initiating your trek, preventing you from being caught unprepared during a sudden change of weather. It's always prudent to return if the weather abruptly changes during your ascent. Start Expedition Early - on busy summer days, parking spaces are reserved for early-birds, with premises chock-full by 9 am. Bring Important Supplies - such as abundant water and snacks to keep you energized and hydrated in the course of your journey. Emergency equipment such as a compass, map, torch, whistle, and first-aid kit must be carried at all times. Accept this Daunting Challenge!

Are you emboldened to climb Snowdon's peak? Then why not participate in our Snowdon at Night Trek? - ideal for those wishing to participate in charity events! Or are you looking for an additional challenge? Then the National Three Peaks Challenge is perfect for you, an exhilarating trekking challenge summiting the highest peaks of Scotland, England, and Wales back-to-back!

Join us for the ultimate Snowdon Night Trek experience! We invite you to register now to fully appreciate the stunning panoramic views at the summit. As they say, "the best views often come after the hardest climb."

Snowdon Climb

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