Connecting Your Sky Remote to Your TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tim Smith | May 10th, 2022

Pairing your Sky or Sky Q remote controls with your television serves a greater purpose beyond showcasing technological prowess. It proves to be truly advantageous. Firstly, it eliminates the need for multiple remotes (and the unfortunate incidents of losing them or having them chewed by pets). Additionally, depending on your TV, it can offer supplementary functionality.

With a paired remote and the appropriate TV, you gain the convenience of effortlessly switching between inputs, allowing you to utilize devices such as gaming consoles seamlessly. Moreover, it grants you the ability to adjust the picture format and aspect ratio to suit your viewing preferences. Undoubtedly, the convenience of controlling both your Sky TV or Sky Q and your TV with a single button is a noteworthy advantage. And the perks don't end there - with the suitable version of the Sky remote and compatible hardware, you can even manage your sound system.

Requisites for connecting your Sky remote

Pairing your Sky or Sky Q remote, as exemplified in this guide, is remarkably straightforward. However, let's consider the essential elements you need to have prepared:

Ensuring your Sky remote is compatible for pairing

Although all Sky Q remotes possess the capability for pairing, not all Sky remotes do. Sky remotes with a 'rev' (or 'revision') number below four are unable to be paired or programmed. So, how do you determine the revision number of your Sky remote? Rest assured, the process is quite simple and remains consistent regardless of whether you have a Sky or Sky Q remote.

To begin, press the 'TV' button on your Sky remote control. Then, simultaneously press and hold the 'Select' and red buttons until the light at the top of your remote flashes.

Next, open the back of your Sky remote, similar to how you would when replacing the batteries. Locate a white label typically positioned near the top of the compartment. Take note of the 'rev' number indicated on the label. If your Sky revision number is greater than four, you're good to proceed.

You may have observed a second label on the inside of your Sky remote control. This serves as a space for you to record the three or four-digit code necessary for programming your Sky remote control.

Verifying the compatibility of your TV for pairing

The compatibility of televisions varies. As a general rule, the likelihood of pairing your TV with your Sky remote increases with newer models. The major manufacturers, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, and Sharp, consistently introduce new TV models almost every month. For a comprehensive list of compatible TV sets, Sky offers an ongoing compilation.

However, as a general guideline, if your TV is over ten years old, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to pair it.

Instructions for pairing your Sky Q remote with your TV

Keep in mind that Sky aims to simplify the process of pairing your Sky Q remote. They have ensured that the procedure is extremely straightforward. Here's how it works with most TVs:

Press the 'Home' button on your Sky Q remote, then navigate to 'Settings' and 'Setup.' Select 'Remote Control' and choose your remote. This will present you with a range of options, with the one you need being 'Control your TV.' Proceed to select your TV's brand. For the model, opt for 'Find it for me.' To complete the process, press and hold the 1 and 3 buttons simultaneously. Using the number pad on your remote, enter the displayed three or four-digit code. Now, it's time to verify if pairing was successful - simply test the volume control. If it adjusts your TV's volume, you're all set.

Instructions for pairing your Sky remote with your TV

Before proceeding, you must locate your TV's brand code, a three or four-digit code corresponding to your TV's brand. Sky maintains an up-to-date list of these codes on its website. Find the code specific to your TV and keep it readily accessible.

Begin by powering on your TV using its dedicated remote control. Ensure that your TV is displaying the Sky screen. At this point, you can set aside the TV remote, as it will not be needed again if the process goes according to plan. Then, press the 'Home' button on your Sky remote and navigate to 'Settings'. From there, select 'Setup' and then 'Remote Control'. Now, choose the Sky remote and proceed to the 'Control your TV' setting. Within this setting, you can select the brand and model of your TV.

Since you may not be aware of the exact model, you have the option to choose 'Find it for me'. The Sky box will consult its internal database of TVs and models. Next, press and hold down the 1 and 3 buttons until a three or four-digit code (or possibly more than one code) is displayed. Enter these codes in sequence until your TV successfully pairs with the Sky remote.

What does HDMI-control entail?

Pairing your Sky or Sky Q remotes with your TV allows you to perform various functions such as adjusting volume, changing channels, and powering your TV on and off. Essentially, you can safely store your TV remote away in a drawer (after removing its batteries, of course).

But what if you have external speakers or an elaborate entertainment system with Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos, DTS, and other advanced features? Can you also eliminate the need for their respective remote controls?

Indeed, if your speakers or entertainment system have HDMI input, it is likely that your Sky remote can control certain essential functions. Sky refers to this feature as 'HDMI On-Touch Play', while TV and home entertainment system manufacturers may use different names like CEC, HDMI-CEC, Bravia Sync, Bravia Link, or AnyNet to describe the ability to control devices through HDMI. To confirm compatibility, consult your TV's manual. If it states that you can use its HDMI control feature on other devices, then your Sky or Sky Q remote can do the same.

HDMI Control with your Sky remote control

To access HDMI Control on your Sky remote control, press the 'Services' button. The 'Options' tab will be highlighted, and you can proceed to select 'Setting'. Scroll down until you find HDMI Control and adjust the toggle to enable or disable it. Don't forget to save your settings as usual.

Using your Sky Q remote

To toggle HDMI control using your Sky Q remote, simply go to 'Settings' and select 'Setup'. Then, navigate to 'Audio Visual' where you'll find the option to enable or disable HDMI control. It's as easy as that.

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