Checking the EE SIM card balance: A comprehensive guide

EE, the moniker for Everything Everywhere, represents a British wireless carrier. Housed under the BT Group, it became part of their family in January 2016 and has since made Hatfield, England, United Kingdom its base of operations. In 2010, the company took its initial steps as a collaborative endeavor between Deutsche Telekom of Germany and French company France Télécom. Presently, it proudly stands as the largest mobile network provider in the United Kingdom, with a staggering user count surpassing 25.8 million as of July 2021. Its claim to fame lies in the extensive reach of its 4G network, blanketing 99% of the nation's inhabitants. Such widespread coverage naturally piques the interest of numerous individuals seeking guidance on managing their EE accounts and staying informed about their balance-related particulars. To this end, EE offers three primary avenues for subscribers to check their SIM card balance:

  • The use of text/SMS
  • Employing the mobile application
  • Accessing the official website
Check Balance in EE

Text messaging, or SMS, presents a convenient offline method to review your EE balance, eschewing the requirement of an internet connection. Moreover, you don't even necessitate a sophisticated smartphone, as even a basic feature phone shall suffice. The procedure to follow is delightfully straightforward:

  • Compose a text message on your EE mobile number in your preferred messaging app, including the term "BALANCE". Send this message to the designated number 150.
  • In a matter of seconds, you shall receive a response text message.
  • This message will furnish you with an all-inclusive breakdown of your balance, encompassing details such as voice minutes, data balance, text balance, and validity.
  • Best of all, inquiring about your balance incurs no charges whatsoever—it's completely free. Thus, you can confidently send multiple texts to scrutinize your EE balance without fretting over the accumulation of expenses.

    If you prefer conducting your balance inquiries online, the EE application will be your ally. Alas, this method mandates an internet connection to download the application, as well as for its subsequent use. To this end, the following steps elucidate the process of determining your balance utilizing the EE app:

  • Retrieve the EE app from the Google Play Store (if you possess an Android device) or the iOS App Store (if you wield an Apple device).
  • Note: As an alternative, you can procure the app download link through a text message. Simply forward the word "APP" to the number 150 via your EE mobile phone number.
  • After successfully installing the app, launch it and proceed to log in, inputting your name, email address, and password as required.
  • Subsequently, an activation link shall arrive in your inbox, directed to the email address provided during the preceding step.
  • Tip: Should you be a first-time user, prioritize clicking on the link within the 24-hour window before it expires.
  • Upon clicking the confirmation/activation link, your account will be primed for utilization.
  • Upon logging in, your balance-related information, encompassing data, calling, and texting specifics, shall be prominently displayed on the Dashboard.
  • Alternatively, you can expedite the login process by utilizing Face ID or Touch ID. Moreover, the EE customer support team is just a single tap away, accessible directly from within the app.

    The My Account feature within EE presents yet another online technique to review your balance. This particular method caterers to individuals disinclined to download and reserve space for the EE app on their devices. To avail yourself of the My Account functionality, you are required to register an account initially. Follow the subsequent steps to harness EE My Account and gain access to your balance information:

  • Commence your journey by visiting the homepage,, and selecting the option labeled "EE&Me".
  • From there, navigate to the section titled "View My Account".
  • At this juncture, a login dashboard shall materialize. Input the necessary details to proceed with the authentication process.
  • With successful authentication, you may navigate to various areas within My Account by utilizing the user-friendly left-hand menu.
  • Located at the summit of the dashboard, your current credit balance, package specifications, and the corresponding validity/expiry date shall be in plain sight.
  • Each package offers allowances for voice minutes, text messages, and internet data.
  • Within the dashboard, three distinct sections serve their purpose: one for voice minutes, another for text messages, and a third for data.
  • These sections openly divulge the extent to which you have utilized your allocated calling, texting, and MBs/GBs, alongside the remaining allowances.
  • Tip: As long as you maintain sufficient credit, EE undertakes automatic renewal of your existing package.
  • Indeed, these are the revealed pathways for procuring balance information concerning your EE Pay As You Go (PAYG) account. Rest assured, there exists no variance in terms of accuracy across these methods. Ergo, users are encouraged to embrace the method they find most convenient and amenable among the trifecta.

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