Check out this Proven Guide for DIY Wall Panelling! Learn How To Panel A Wall Using MDF Wood.


    Wall panelling has become increasingly popular in recent times, with social media platforms such as Instagram showcasing a wide variety of wall panelling transformations in homes. Wall panelling is an excellent way to liven up any room in the house, whether it's in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or living room. In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to panel a wall and give your space more character and personality.

    Different Wall Panelling Styles:

      bathroom panelling

      Wall panelling comes in various forms, including grand period designs, tongue and groove, traditional shaker-style, Jacobean-style grid, or dado style. Before embarking on your wall panelling journey, research the different styles to determine which is most suitable for your home.

      Materials Needed:

        To panel a wall, you will need the following materials: MDF wood panelling, spirit level, No nails glue, decorators caulk, saw or cutter, notebook and pen, paint, sandpaper or electric sander, hammer, pin, tape measure, and calculator. All of these materials are available at your local home improvement store.

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          Preparation is the key to achieving the perfect wall panelling look. Sketch out your design in a notebook, and if you're looking for inspiration, browse Instagram hashtags such as #wallpanelling and #wallpanellingideas. Accurately measure your wall to determine how many panels you will need. Ensure you measure twice to avoid getting the wrong measurements because wrong measurements could lead to uneven panels.

          Cutting Panels:

            Cut your wall panels according to the measurements you have taken. You can use a saw and mitre box at a 90-degree angle to do this. Sand the ends of each panel until they are smooth to create a seamless and neat join after installation.

            Sanding Walls:

              Before attaching your panels to the walls, prepare the wall surface by sanding and smoothing it down. Doing this removes any bumps or lumps that may show through and create an uneven surface.

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              Applying Panels:

                Start by adding the frame, starting with the base panels and then the top. Use a laser level to ensure the panel is straight. Apply strong adhesive to the back of the panels and place them on the wall, and use pins to secure the panel in place. Repeat the process for your vertical and horizontal panels.

                Filling gaps:

                  Once you have applied the panels to your walls, use decorators caulk to patch up any unsightly gaps, cracks or holes, and fill in gaps with Polyfilla, if necessary. Sand the entire surface down to create a smooth finish.

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                  Painting Panels:

                    Wait for the adhesive, caulk, and filler to dry cleanly before painting the panels. Choose the color of your choice, and use high-quality paint to achieve a professional-looking finish.


                      Wall panelling is an excellent way to spruce up your living space and give it character, charm, and personality. By following the steps mentioned above, you can create custom wall panels in your home with ease using readily available materials. So, whether you're looking to update your hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or living room, wall panelling is an excellent choice for transforming your space.

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