Cat Microchipping: The Basics

Whether you've just purchased a kitten or adopted an older cat, having them microchipped should be at the top of your priority list. If your cat is microchipped, it has the best chance of being identified and returned to you if it is lost or stolen. Microchips are safe, simple to implant, and efficient. Microchips, unlike collars and ID tags, do not fall off and do not endanger your cat.

A small chip (about the size of a grain of rice) is inserted beneath your cat's skin, usually by your veterinarian, a local authority, or a trained and insured member of an animal welfare organization, such as Cats Protection. This microchip assigns your cat a unique code.

If your cat goes missing, the microchip will be scanned and matched to your contact information, which is stored on a cat microchip database.

Depending on where you live in the UK, you can expect to pay between £20 and £30. For more information, contact your local vet or a rescue center or cat charity. Charities and reputable cat rescue organizations are frequently able to microchip your cat for a reduced fee.

If you adopt a cat from Cats Protection, the cost of microchipping your cat is already included in the adoption fee.

Changing your contact information on a cat microchip database may result in a fee. Depending on the database, this could be a one-time fee for the life of your cat, or it could be a cost every time you update it.

The procedure for microchipping your cat is quick and painless - in fact, it is no more painful than giving your cat an injection.

There is no need for'recovery' from the procedure, and it will cause no discomfort or pain to your cat - in fact, they are unlikely to notice it is even there.

When should I microchip my cat?

There is no age limit for having your cat microchipped. Many kittens are microchipped at the same time they are spayed or neutered, when they are already sedated. It is recommended that your cat be microchipped before going outside for the first time.

Getting your cat microchipped is essential if you want peace of mind. Cats are voracious explorers, and making sure they can be easily identified increases the likelihood of a happy reunion if they do stray too far.

There is currently no legislation requiring cats to be microchipped by law. However, it is currently against the law for dogs not to be microchipped, with owners facing significant fines if they do not comply.

Cats Protection is continuing our campaign to make microchipping mandatory for cats in the UK in order to facilitate more happy reunions.

Learn more about our campaign.

If you adopted a cat from Cats Protection or another animal welfare organization, your cat may already have a microchip. You must ensure that your contact information appears when your cat's microchip is scanned. When you formally adopt a cat from Cats Protection, we will update their information. If you get your cat from somewhere else, you should ask for more information and, if possible, the cat's original paperwork.

We will update your cat's microchip on your behalf if you have adopted a cat from Cats Protection. Once you've formally adopted your cat, you'll be given the paperwork, which will include your cat's microchip number.

If your cat has been microchipped by a vet or an organization, they will tell you how to register your information online. Following the procedure, you should receive registration documents within a couple of weeks.

If you have not received anything, contact the person or organization who microchipped your cat. Keep your registration documents and your cat's microchip number safe.

Keeping your information up to date is critical to ensuring that you can be contacted; many cats are unfortunately not reunited with their owners because their information was not updated. Here are three simple steps to updating your microchip.

  1. Get your cat's microchip number Keep your cat's microchip number on hand at all times. I'm not sure what it could be. Call your vet to see if it's in their records, or take your cat to the vet to be scanned.
  2. Get your cat's microchip brand if you've misplaced your original paperwork You might be able to find out more about your cat by entering their ID number into Petlog's look-up tool.
  3. Update Now that you have your cat's number and the contact information for the brand with which they are registered, call them or visit their website to update your information.

If you've lost your cat and they're microchipped, you should notify the microchipping company. They will ensure that your information is up to date.

If your missing cat is discovered and taken to a veterinarian or animal welfare organization, you will be contacted to arrange a reunion.

Find out what to do if your cat goes missing.

Are you looking to rehome your cat? To complete the transfer of ownership documents, you must contact your microchip database. If you surrender your cat to Cats Protection, we will require a signed copy of your cat's microchip registration documents authorizing ownership details, or we may request that you fill out a form with additional information.

If your cat has been microchipped, you should think about installing a microchip cat flap in your house. These detect cats attempting to enter your home by scanning their microchip and will only allow cats whose microchip number you have programmed into the cat flap to enter.

A great buy for those looking to keep intruders out, especially if they eat your cat's food. Sureflap offers a variety of microchip cat flaps.

Sure Petcare is offering a Cats Protection discount.

Guide to Microchipping (Download)

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