Bread made with eggs (not French toast).

Along with its sweet cousin, French toast, eggy bread is a savory breakfast classic. This is the epitome of quick and easy comfort food. In 12 minutes, you can make a savory souffle treat to eat on its own or as part of a heartier meal. I especially enjoy it with bacon and maple syrup on top.

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My Eggy Bread is another of those traditional egg dishes that I grew up with. It's perfect for a quick breakfast, quick supper, or a cheeky brunch with lots of toppings.

It takes about 12 minutes to prepare and uses only one dish and pan. That's my kind of quick dish. My biggest issue is not finishing everything before I sit down at the table. I have the same problem with toast; two slices are never enough.

What Is the Distinction Between Eggy Bread and French Toast?

I like to simplify things like this. The eggy bread is savory. French toast is delicious.

Obviously, the dishes are very similar, and you can make french toast without adding anything sweet to the egg mixture. However, it is typically served with syrup, fruit, and/or whipped cream, among other things.

I also prefer thicker bread for French Toast, whereas I would only use a regular white sliced loaf for Eggy Bread. Check out my Simple French Toast recipe to see the difference for yourself.

I'm not opposed to turning my Eggy Bread into a sweeter dish, but I'd usually do it with savory elements. Consider Eggy Bread with bacon and a cheeky fried egg drenched in maple syrup. It represents the best of both worlds.

Both dishes are likely descended from the French dish Pain Perdu. Pain Perdu is typically made with thick sliced French bread rather than the sandwich loaves popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Serve Eggy Bread

As with pretty much anything involving eggs or food, I am partial to bacon. My current treat is to make a bacon sandwich with two slices of eggy bread.

I also occasionally blow everything I've said above out of the water by topping it with bacon and maple syrup. If I'm feeling particularly frisky, I'll have a poached or fried egg for the runny yolk. There are never enough eggs.

My Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole is essentially a large baked eggy bread with a lot of extras that is ideal for making ahead of time.

Make an Eggy Bread Feast

I truly believe that any dish can be transformed into a proper feast. Whether it's a Tuesday evening feast for one, a Friday evening feast for four, or a feast for 12 for a special occasion.

Eggy Bread is ideal for making into a Brunch Feast. For a Vegetarian Brunch Feast, combine it with sliced avocado and roasted cherry tomatoes.

For something a little meatier, stack with bacon and maple syrup, as shown in my photos. I'd even pair it with some sassy Pigs in Blankets.

Don't forget to visit my Brunch Feast Collection pages to find all of my tips and tricks for hosting a fun and stress-free brunch. Also, don't forget to look through my recipe index to create your own fantastic Feast.

Eggy Bread Ingredients


Any eggs will suffice. Fresher, older, or somewhere in the middle


I prefer to use sliced white sandwich bread. In a pinch, you can substitute brown or granary bread, but the flavor will be quite strong after cooking.

Eggy Bread is an excellent way to repurpose stale bread. So, as long as no mould is present, this is a fantastic way to avoid throwing out that forgotten loaf. Alternatively, the crusts


Any milk will do. Skim, full fat, or plant-based milk No milk Instead, use water.

Be adaptable.

Apart from the bread you use and what you serve it with, there aren't many ways to vary this recipe because it has so few ingredients.

Check out my French Toast recipe for a sweet treat.

I make my Eggy Bread with whole bread slices. When I was younger, the bread was usually sliced into three large soldiers before dunking and frying. It's also fun to use a cookie cutter to cut out pretty shapes of bread for kids or presentations. Simply keep bread waste in mind when selecting your shapes.

Vegetarianize it

This recipe is suitable for vegetarians if you do not use your Eggy Bread to make bacon sandwiches.

Veganize it

Vegan Eggy Bread can be made by replacing the eggs with a vegan egg substitute such as Vegan Easy Egg. In place of regular milk, plant-based milk or water can be used.

Check the bread's ingredients as well, as many white loaves can contain milk powder, for example.

Make it Hypoallergenic

This Eggy Bread recipe contains no nuts, onions, or garlic.

Gluten-free: This is an excellent way to improve the taste of some of the less desirable gluten-free breads. Just be careful when flipping the slices because gluten-free bread is more likely to fall apart.

Dairy-free: Replace the milk with plant-based milk or water.

Use a vegan egg substitute instead of regular eggs.

Please keep in mind that this recipe may contain additional allergens not mentioned above, and that any variations suggested have not been tested unless otherwise stated. Please see my Nutritional Disclaimer for more information on any dietary information provided on this website.

Notes on Eggy Bread Equipment

I like to use a dish large enough to soak both slices of bread simultaneously. This ensures maximum efficiency. My large lidded pyrex dish is ideal, but any large dish will suffice.

For the same reason, I cook the eggy slices in my largest frying pan. This means I can cook both slices at the same time without having to constantly move them. If necessary, cook the slices one at a time in a smaller frying pan.

When cooking, a fish slice spatula is ideal for flipping the slices. Mine has a head about the size of a slice of bread, which helps to keep it from breaking up when I turn it in the pan.

The main recipe card below includes a comprehensive list of the equipment used to make this recipe. To see an example, click on any of the items. Because there are no hard and fast rules, many items can be substituted to achieve the same results.

Get Ahead

I wouldn't soak the bread in the egg mixture too long ahead of time. The bread will quickly break down and turn into bready scrambled eggs in the pan.

However, you can partially cook the eggy bread and store it in the fridge or freezer until ready to eat. Simply finish the cooking process in a frying pan.

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