Booking an Appointment with a Doctor

If you're interested in scheduling a doctor's appointment using the myGP app, you'll need to follow these steps on your smartphone:

1. Input your mobile number and date of birth. It's important to note that this must be the mobile number you provided when registering at your GP surgery.


2. Conduct a search to find your specific GP surgery.

3. Create a personal identification number (PIN) for your account.

Please keep in mind that during the registration process, you might be asked for a linkage key. If this occurs, don't worry. Your GP surgery will be able to provide you with the necessary assistance so you can successfully sign up and book a GP appointment.

To begin, download the myGP app by tapping on the following link: [Insert personalized link here]. This will take you to the app's homepage.


Once you're on the app's homepage, locate and select the "book appointment" option.

From there, follow these steps to book your appointment:

1. Choose the individual for whom you would like to schedule the appointment.

2. Select the appropriate appointment category from the available options. These may include nurse appointments, GP appointments, or clinic visits.

3. Pick a date and time that align with your availability and convenience.

4. Once the appointment is confirmed, it will automatically be added to your smartphone's calendar.

Remember, any patient aged 16 or older who is registered with a GP in the UK can book a doctor's appointment online. Additionally, you have the option to add family members to your myGP app to ensure their care is also managed efficiently.

With the myGP app, you gain the ability to both book and cancel GP appointments, receive appointment reminders, and seamlessly integrate these details into your calendar.

It's important to note that under the new NHS plans, the 111 service can now assist with booking doctor's appointments.

Furthermore, you have the freedom to select which healthcare professional you would like to consult with through the myGP app.

If you wish to be referred to a specialist or another GP for a second opinion, you can make the request. However, it is at your GP's discretion to refuse if they deem it unnecessary. Additionally, if your GP does refer you, please understand that you cannot insist on seeing a specific practitioner. However, your preferences should be taken into consideration.

To find out which doctor you have an appointment with, kindly contact your surgery directly or refer to the myGP app.

For individuals who are not currently registered with a GP surgery, you have the freedom to choose the surgery you would like to register with. To assist you with this decision, you can view a list of available surgeries on the NHS website.


For any further inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us through the following link: [Insert personalized link here].

The myGP app offers not only the convenience of booking appointments with your GP but also the option of having an online GP appointment on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


For more detailed information, you can read further by visiting: [Insert personalized link here].

Lastly, repeat prescriptions are particularly useful when your doctor has prescribed ongoing medication for your treatment.

Discover how myGP can empower you to manage your prescription and keep track of your health effortlessly. With a few simple clicks, you can conveniently monitor your weight, blood pressure, and receive timely medication reminders, all from the convenience of your mobile device.


Find out how support groups can provide a nurturing and non-judgmental environment for individuals to share and navigate their personal journeys. These groups offer an effective avenue for coping with your unique experiences.


Uncover the transformative potential of myGP in helping you take charge of your health. Gain valuable insights and stay informed as you track your well-being through user-friendly features.

Dive deeper into the world of myGP and unlock a holistic approach to healthcare management. Explore the full spectrum of possibilities and begin your journey towards a healthier and more empowered life.

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