BT Sport on Sky: How Do I Cancel It?

If you use Sky Glass, you may be wondering how to cancel BT Sport on Sky. With Sky Glass, you can leave BT whenever you want.

Having BT Sport on Sky is only necessary for sports fans during the sporting season.

To cancel your BT Sport subscription, use the My Sky App. If you subscribed through Sky TV, use your App to unsubscribe from BT Sport. Otherwise, contact BT TV.

This article discusses the best methods for canceling BT on Sky. Continue reading to learn the truth about canceling BT on Sky.

Will I Have to Pay to Cancel BT on Sky?

You will not be charged if you cancel your BT Sport contract on Sky. Nonetheless, you must pay normal charges for one month.

In other words, you will continue to pay your BT Sport bills even after you cancel.

Remember that you must provide BT with a 30-day notice before canceling any contract. If you start canceling in November, you will be charged at the standard rate for the entire month.

To avoid being charged for the month you want to cancel your subscription, send out a notice sooner.

For example, if you want to end your contract on December 1st, you should give your notice on November 1st.

This way, you will not be charged for a period when you do not require BT Sport.

Cancelling BT Sport Packages

cancel bt sport on sky

Cancelling BT on Sky can be difficult. Sky and BT are distinct brands, as you are aware.

This means that the two services are provided by separate businesses.

While there are some complications, you should have no trouble canceling.

There are clear methods for canceling BT on Sky. What is most important is how you got into your BT contract.

Those who signed the contract with BT will cancel through BT. If you signed the contract with Sky, you can cancel it through Sky.

The options for canceling BT Sport on Sky are listed below.

  • Use an Online Portal
  • Use the My Sky App.
  • Contact BT TV Customer Support.
  • Contact BT Customer Service.

BT on Sky cancellation via the BT Online Portal

use online platform

The first question is how you obtained your contract. Answering this question will lead to the answer to the question of how do I cancel my BT Sport subscription on Sky.

Sky customers can enter into a BT contract in two ways. You can subscribe to BT through My Sky App or bring BT to Sky.

If you were a BT customer who decided to switch to Sky, you can bring your contract with you.

If you are still a current BT customer, you can manage your preferences through the BT online portal. This, however, does not include canceling your BT on Sky.

Package preferences can be changed via the BT online portal. Change your package preferences on the BT online portal, but do not cancel BT on Sky.

Remove BT using the My Sky App

The best and most ideal method is to cancel BT Sport via the Sky App.

If you have Sky, the My Sky App should be available for both Android and iPhone users. If you don't already have the app, you can get it from the app store.

You can add and remove services from your package using the My Sky App. If you added BT from the app, you can also remove it.

Please keep in mind that even if you remove BT from Sky via the app, you will still be charged for 30 days.

How to Remove BT from My Sky App

If you haven't already, open My Sky App and log in. From the app's interface,

  • Choose "TV" and then "Change What You Watch."
  • Select "TV Packs" from the menu.
  • Scroll all the way down to "BT Sport."
  • Select "Already Yours"
  • Select "Remove BT Sport." ”

Remember that this procedure is only available if you obtained your subscription through Sky.

If you purchased the subscription through BT, you will not be able to cancel it using the app.

Contact BT Customer Service.

call customer care

Calling BT customer service will help you resolve any problems with your BT subscription. If you use BT on Sky, you can cancel your subscription by calling BT customer service.

Remember that you only need to call if your subscription came from BT. If you have a Sky subscription, you can call them or use their app.

On a landline, dial 0800 783 1401 to reach BT. Calls to this number will be charged at standard calling rates. You can also contact BT from outside the UK by dialing 44 150 174 7714.

Please call BT between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends.

Contact BT Customer Service.

There is no reason to go to BT or Sky to cancel a subscription.

In fact, BT does not allow customers to visit their offices for such problems. However, you may visit under certain conditions.

These are some of the conditions:

  • You attempted to cancel your subscription but were unable to do so through the channels provided.
  • You are receiving uncontrollable bills.
  • You are unable to reach an agreement with customer service representatives.

To visit BT, go to their headquarters in London at this address.

Braham Street No. 1 London E1 8EE

Please keep in mind that if you choose to file a complaint with BT about services in person, it will be treated as a corporate matter.

Does BT charge an early exit fee for Sky customers?

charges details

When you choose to cancel contracts early, you may be charged an early exit fee.

However, this does not apply to BT Sport on Sky. Contract fees may apply if you use BT Sport from your BT account.

For example, if you have a BT Mobile contract, you will be charged an early termination fee.

The early exit fee is typically a one-time payment for the device. You will not be charged an early termination fee if you have BT TV and broadband.

However, you must return your BT Box.

All you need to do for BT on Sky is send a one-month notice. After the charges for that month have been deducted, you are free to leave BT.

What Happens If Your BT Contract Expires?

Contract termination differs from cancellation. You must manage your contracts, whether you are with Sky or BT. Failure to manage your contract may result in additional fees.

When your BT contract expires, you should immediately renew it. If you do not renew it, you may be charged additional fees.

However, if you watch BT Sport on Sky, you should not be concerned.

How Can I Get Rid of BT Sport on Sky Without Paying?

cancel without pay

Sky does not charge contract cancellation fees for canceling BT Sport.

You can add and remove BT Sport from your Sky Glass at any time. The only requirement is that you give us advance notice.

You will only be charged for the month preceding your request for contract termination.

Find an appropriate date to cancel your contract. You can avoid paying any fees this way.


We examined the question of how do I cancel BT Sport on Sky from two angles.

On the one hand, you can cancel BT from the My Sky App. This only applies if you purchased your BT Sport subscription from Sky.

The second scenario is that you got your subscription from BT TV. In this case, the only way out is to contact BT.

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