Answers to Your Questions about Delayed Orders and Vehicle Supply Issues.

Currently, the global automobile market is facing a variety of challenges leading to supply issues, late deliveries, and a shortage of many new models.

If you're in the process of ordering your first car on the Scheme, selecting a new car or waiting for delivery, you may have questions regarding the root cause of the current delivery delays, and what you can do if your order is affected. To help, we've come up with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions at this time. If you have specific questions about delivery timescales for your particular order, your dealer is your best source of advice.

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Current Supply Issues Explained

Why Are Vehicle Orders Being Delayed?

The key issue affecting the timely supply of new cars is a shortage of semiconductors or 'chips.' These chips power most electronic items, including new cars, washing machines, home computers, and TVs.

Manufacturers require about 1,500 chips for every new car they produce as these chips manage the vehicle's control systems. However, the high demand for electronic items during the COVID-19 pandemic has depleted the global supply of semiconductors. While chip supply is slowly improving, most manufacturers are still facing large order backlogs. Longer lead times for new cars are expected to last most of 2023 as manufacturers work through their backlogs.

If you want to learn more about the current situation in the industry and how we're still supporting our customers, you can watch our recent update video here.

How Are These Supply Issues Affecting the Motability Scheme?

Despite our efforts to keep the Scheme affordable, customers might notice that we have fewer cars available than in previous years. In some cases, Advance Payments are higher than usual. Manufacturers are also requesting the removal of particular vehicles from the Scheme at short notice, and dealers are frequently unable to obtain dependable information on delivery times due to the various factors affecting car supplies.

Despite these ongoing challenges, we have a broad selection of brand-new vehicles to choose from this quarter, with many models available with no Advance Payment. Over 150 cars come with an Advance Payment of £500 or less. You can find the latest prices here.

Furthermore, starting from March 1, 2023, we've enhanced the New Vehicle Payment from £250 to £750. You may now send this directly to your dealer to help with the Advance Payment cost of your next car. If your Advance Payment is more than £750, you'll need to pay the difference to your dealer when you get your new car. If it's less than £750, we'll send you the difference within a few weeks of delivery.

You'll earn the New Vehicle Payment when you order or collect your first Scheme car before the end of 2023, or during your next car collection if you're already a customer. You'll receive this payment only once, regardless of the number of new vehicles you obtain.

To learn more about the New Vehicle Payment, click here.

If you're in the market for a new car on the Motability Scheme, our 'Find a vehicle' tool is the perfect resource for up-to-date information on the cars currently available on the Scheme. We've recently upgraded this tool to make it even easier for you to narrow down your options and find the right car that meets your needs.

While your dealer can give you an idea of current delivery times, they won't be able to speed up the process, and the information they provide may change. Please be patient with them during these trying times.

Ordering your first car on the Scheme can be a lengthy process, especially since most manufacturers are experiencing delays. We advise that you start your vehicle search as soon as possible and check with different dealerships for expected delivery times. You may find that a similar car from a different manufacturer could be available sooner, making it essential to explore all your options before submitting an order.

If you're an existing customer, you will be able to order your next car three months before the end of your lease term; therefore, it's advisable to start considering your options sooner rather than later. If you've extended your current lease, we recommend that you continue your vehicle search and place an order as soon as you find a suitable match to avoid further delays.

Test driving a car is always recommended before you place an order to ensure that it meets your specifications and needs. We recommend you speak to different dealerships as they may have different makes and models available to test drive. However, if it's not possible to arrange a test drive, please ensure that the car has sufficient space for you, is comfortable and easy to access, and meets your mobility requirements for the next three years.

If you're no longer willing to wait, you can cancel your order at any time.

If you are facing supply issues and want to modify or cancel your order, please get in touch with your dealer directly to discuss the matter.

However, bear in mind that the shortage of supplies is a global problem that affects not only Motability Scheme customers but also retail customers across most manufacturers. Before canceling your order, ensure that you are familiar with the estimated timeframes for the replacement car you are considering.

Our price lists are regularly updated every three months, and new prices are usually published at the start of January, April, July, and October. You can access the latest prices for the Motability Scheme via the following link.

Please note that while the Advance Payment on a vehicle may change throughout the year, our price guarantee ensures that the Advance Payment at the time when your order is accepted will not change, even if the price changes while you are waiting for your car to be delivered.

In some cases, dealers may need to change your expected delivery date more than once due to factors outside their control, such as updates from the manufacturer, build dates, or delivery timeframes. If you are an existing customer and this happens, be assured that we will extend your lease for as long as necessary to ensure your continued mobility.

If you cannot find a suitable alternative and the car you want is not currently available on the Scheme, we will automatically extend your lease for up to two years to provide you with more time to make a decision. If you are already in a lease extension, we will automatically extend it again, ensuring that it lasts for a maximum of two years.

You will receive a new Certificate of Motor Insurance or temporary cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) for this period. You do not need to contact us to request an extension, as we will handle the process for you automatically. However, you can also extend your lease by logging in to your Motability Scheme online account and going to the ‘Current lease’ section. If you don't have an account, you can create one through the following link.

During the end of your current lease, we suggest that you begin your search for a new vehicle as early as possible to reduce the risk of delays. You can place your next order three months before the end of your current lease. Once you've submitted your order, we'll extend the lease on your current vehicle until your new car is available.

Once you've confirmed your order, you'll receive our price guarantee. This means that even if the price of the vehicle changes before you collect it, the Advance Payment you paid when your order was accepted is the price you'll pay. Unfortunately, many vehicles are being removed from the Scheme at short notice due to supply challenges posed by manufacturers. However, by submitting your order, your vehicle will be in the delivery queue, even if it takes several months to arrive.

If you cannot find a suitable alternative before the end of your lease, we will automatically extend your lease for two years. If you have already extended for six months, we will automatically extend it again for an additional 18 months. We'll also provide you with a new Certificate of Motor Insurance or cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) for this period. You may extend your lease by logging in to your Motability Scheme account and going to the "Current lease" section.

If your new vehicle is unlikely to arrive before the end of your current lease, we can extend the existing lease on your current vehicle. In such a scenario, we'll also extend the insurance, breakdown cover, and other aspects of your worry-free package. If you've already extended your lease for two years, we regret that we cannot extend it again. Please contact us to explore other alternatives.

To ensure that we can extend your lease, it is crucial that you have completed the MOT for your vehicle by your original lease end date. We will not be able to offer an extension without this. Your dealer will reach out to you to arrange this, but if you have not heard from them and your test is due, please contact them directly. If your dealer is unable to conduct your MOT for any reason, you can make an appointment at one of the Kwik Fit centers. If you are uncertain about when your MOT is due, you can check at

For more details regarding servicing and MOTs, please visit our website.

If you are already in a lease extension and your next order is delayed, do not worry. We can extend your lease until your new car is ready. However, if your lease is likely to extend more than a year beyond your original lease end date, you will need to arrange for another MOT and service on your vehicle before returning it. We will cover the expenses related to any MOT or servicing, as well as general wear and tear repairs, even in a lease extension.

Remember, if you are in a lease extension, you can order your next car at any time, and you do not have to wait.

If you have received a letter from us notifying you that we will automatically extend your lease for six months if you do not order a new car by the end of your lease, then it is correct. However, if you wish to extend your lease for more than six months, you can explore your options in the ‘Current Lease’ section of your online account. If you have already extended your lease for two years, please contact us to discuss your next steps.

Lastly, if your lease is extended, we will extend your insurance coverage with RSA Motability (RSAM) without any changes to your policy. You will receive a new Certificate of Motor Insurance from RSAM confirming the extension of your insurance coverage.

Does lease extension affect maintenance and repair coverage?

If your lease is extended, you can rest assured that routine maintenance and repair services, including tire replacement and repair, are still covered under your contract. Your RAC breakdown cover will also be extended, so you won't experience any changes to your lease.

We offer breakdown assistance and cover if you need it.

Do I need another MOT if I extend my lease?

In most parts of the UK, vehicles require an MOT every 12 months after the first three years (four years in Northern Ireland). If you extend your lease for two years, you may need to have two more MOTs performed before returning your vehicle at the end of your lease.

Your dealer should inform you when your next MOT is due, but you can also check the Government’s website. You don't need to worry about the cost of the MOT, as it's already included in your worry-free package, even with a lease extension.

Head back to the top if you need to.

Scheme Partners

Are vehicle repairs experiencing delays?

Due to ongoing global supply issues, some vehicle repair companies are being affected. For example, the availability of certain parts, especially those requiring semiconductors, has been impacted. Consequently, it may take longer for replacement parts to arrive.

These delays also mean workshop space is taken up for longer, affecting the volume of vehicles that can be repaired.

If your vehicle requires insurance repairs, RSAM and their approved repairers will keep you informed of the progress of your claim. They will notify you of any delays likely to occur as well.

Find out more about how repairs are being impacted if you're interested.

Are temporary replacement vehicles affected too?

Due to ongoing supply issues, our hire car companies are also experiencing problems. This includes the number of available vehicles, their sizes and types, and how quickly they can provide a vehicle to you.

It is possible that the process of obtaining a suitable hire car may take longer than it has before and particular car feature requests are unlikely to be met. However, if a temporary replacement vehicle cannot be provided for any reason, RSAM will communicate with you and discuss alternative arrangements.

If you have applied for a charitable grant from Motability, the award you receive is in line with the policies in place and any relevant information provided during the application process. This ensures that the vehicle meets your mobility needs and that the funds are distributed to as many individuals as possible. Exceptional circumstances may result in an increase in your grant award to expedite the delivery of your vehicle, such as if you have a life-limiting condition. It's not possible to order a different vehicle than the ones specified in your award letter, as grants can only be used for the vehicles listed.

Due to global supply challenges affecting most car manufacturers, delivery lead times and delays are consistent regardless of whether you order a car through the Motability Scheme, receive a grant, or purchase a vehicle privately from a dealership. Applications for grants are prioritized for individuals who currently do not have a vehicle, with a decision usually made within ten weeks. If you have a current Motability vehicle, you may renew your lease for up to two years in your online account or inquire about additional options by calling the Motability team.

Motability is unable to expedite the delivery of your vehicle, whether you've received a charitable grant or not. The only exception is when a life-limiting condition is involved. You can find additional FAQs about charitable grants on the Motability website.

There are over 4,500 dealerships in the UK that specialize in the Motability Scheme and can assist you with finding a car that best fits your needs and provide current information on supply issues and delivery delays. To locate your nearest dealership, you can use the Find a Dealer tool on the Motability website.

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