Answering Your Inquiries About Delays in Vehicle Supplies and Orders

Currently, the car market globally is facing numerous obstacles that are triggering delivery delays, supply-related problems, and an absence of many new vehicle models.

Whether you're in the market for your first Scheme car, looking to upgrade your ride, or eagerly awaiting delivery of your new car, we recognize that you likely have some questions regarding the current delivery snags and what options you have in such cases.

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To help, we've compiled the answers to some of the popular queries we receive. However, for specific questions about the delivery time frames for the car you've ordered or intend to order, your dealer is the best resource.

Untangling Supply Issues

Why Are Car Orders Delayed?

The primary issue hampering new car supply during these times is a shortage of semiconductors or 'chips' that serve as the brain of the vehicle and are present in most electrical devices ranging from washing machines to personal computers, televisions, and cars.

Each new car generally requires around 1,500 chips, but the unprecedented demand for electronics during the pandemic resulted in a scarcity of semiconductors. Though chip supply is slowly picking up, most manufacturers have a backlog of orders, signaling longer lead times for new cars to persist well into 2023.

You can check out our recent update video here, which outlines the existing industry scenario and elucidates how we're continuing to support our customers.

How is the Motability Scheme Affected?

While we are striving to make the Scheme as cost-effective as possible, there's a noticeable reduction in the number of cars up for grabs than what was available earlier. Additionally, the Advance Payments are often higher than normal in some cases.

Manufacturers have asked for vehicles to be removed from the Scheme at short notice, and dealers struggle to acquire reliable information regarding delivery dates due to various factors that affect new vehicle supply.

Despite these challenges, we still have a broad array of brand-new cars to choose from with many models available with no Advance Payment, you can view the latest prices here. Furthermore, starting from the first of March 2023, we have increased the New Vehicle Payment from £250 to £750, which you can send directly to your dealer to help cover the Advance Payment on your next vehicle.

If your Advance Payment is over £750, you'll need to pay the remaining balance to your dealer once you receive your new car. If it's less than £750, we'll send you the difference a few weeks after the delivery.

You'll receive the New Vehicle Payment if you order or collect your first Scheme car before the end of 2023. And if you're an existing customer, you'll get this each time you collect your next car.

In case you're interested in purchasing a new car through the Motability Scheme, our 'Find a vehicle' tool offers the most recent information about the cars currently accessible on the Scheme. We have recently updated this tool to make it more user-friendly and to help you easily narrow down your options and view a range of cars that suit your specific needs.

While your dealer could give you an approximate idea of the current delivery times, they won't be able to expedite the process, and the information they provide could change. Therefore, we urge you to please be patient with them.

If you're a new customer, we suggest beginning your vehicle search as early as possible before making your order to avoid any unexpected delays since most manufacturers are experiencing delays. Before placing your order, it is essential to confirm the expected delivery times with the dealership. In case a similar car from another manufacturer could be available sooner, it's crucial to speak to several dealers before you finalize your order.

If you're an existing customer, you can order your next car three months before the end of your current lease. If you're approaching the last three months of your contract, we recommend using our 'Find a vehicle' tool and start looking for your next vehicle sooner than before.

Suppose you have extended your current lease, in that case, we urge you to continue searching for an appropriate vehicle and place your next order as soon as possible due to the ongoing supply issues expected to last for the foreseeable future. As soon as your new car is ready, you can collect it without waiting for the lease extension to end.

We highly recommend taking a test drive before ordering a car, where feasible to ensure that the vehicle you are considering is suitable for your needs. You could speak to multiple dealers as they may have various makes and models available for test drives. However, if a test drive is impossible to arrange, please ensure that the model you are considering has enough space for you and your passengers, is easy for you to access, comfortable to sit in and meets your mobility needs for the next three years.

Finally, if you no longer wish to wait for your car because of supply issues, you can cancel your order.

If you are facing issues with the current supply and do not want to proceed with your order, you can contact your dealer directly for cancellation or modification. However, it is essential to note that the prevailing supply problems are widespread, affecting both Motability Scheme and retail customers across various manufacturers. Therefore, before you cancel your order, ensure you are aware of the timeframes for the replacement car you are considering.

In case the Advance Payment for the vehicle you have ordered changes after placing your order, keep in mind that our price lists usually get updated quarterly every year in January, April, July, and October. You can view the latest prices at the Motability Scheme website. Although the Advance Payment for the car may change during the year, we offer a price guarantee. Therefore, the Advance Payment remains the same on the date of acceptance of your order.

It is possible for the expected delivery date of your vehicle to change more than once due to several factors affecting the new car market. Dealers depend on updates from manufacturers, and in some cases, build dates and delivery timeframes might change, which are beyond the dealer's control. If you are an existing customer, we extend your lease period continuously to guarantee your mobility during this period.

In the event that the vehicle you desire is not available on the Scheme, and you can't find a suitable alternative, you can extend your current lease automatically for up to two years. If you have already extended your lease, we will automatically extend it again to allow you ample time to find a car that meets your needs. You will receive a new Certificate of Motor Insurance or temporary cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) for this period. Please note that you don't need to contact us to request this extension as it is organized automatically for you. However, you can also log in to your online Motability Scheme account and visit the 'Current Lease' section for more information.

During the final months of your current lease, we suggest you start searching for your next vehicle as soon as possible to avoid further delays. You can place your order three months before the end of your existing lease, and we will extend it until your new vehicle is ready.

With our price guarantee, you will be protected and pay the original price even if it changes before collection. Due to the current supply challenges, many manufacturers remove vehicles from the scheme without much notice. However, placing an order will ensure that your desired vehicle is in the queue and will be delivered to you in due time, even if it takes a few months.

If you are unable to find a suitable alternative before the lease ends, we will automatically extend it for up to two years so that you can continue to search for your ideal ride. If you have already extended your lease for 6 months, we will extend it again for another 18 months, to a total of 2 years.

You can place your next order any time during the lease extension. However, it is best to order as soon as you can to reduce the risk of facing further delays. If you have already extended your lease for two years, please contact us to discuss other options.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, your next order is delayed past the end of your current lease, do not worry. We will extend your insurance, breakdown cover, and other important features of your lease until the day your new vehicle is ready.

To ensure that your lease is extended, you must have completed your vehicle's MOT by the original lease end date. If you have not heard from your dealer, contact them directly to schedule an MOT appointment. If your dealer is unable to conduct the MOT for any reason, Kwik Fit can accommodate you at one of their centers. To verify your MOT due date, visit the website

If you are in a lease extension and your next order is delayed, don't worry. We will extend your lease until your new vehicle arrives, even if the extension increases your lease beyond the original end date by more than a year. You must, however, arrange for another MOT and service, which we will cover, including any repairs due to natural wear and tear.

If you receive a letter from us stating that your lease will be automatically extended for six months, it's correct. If you want to extend your lease for longer, check the "Current lease" section of your Motability Scheme account. If you've already extended for two years, contact us to discuss your options.

In the event of a lease extension, RSA Motability will also extend your insurance coverage. No changes should occur, and you will receive a new Certificate of Motor Insurance to confirm the extension.

Discover more about your insurance coverage by visiting our website.

If you decide to extend your lease, you can rest assured that your maintenance and repair needs will still be covered. From routine maintenance to repairs and even tyre replacements, we’ve got you covered. RAC breakdown coverage will also be extended throughout your extended lease, so you won’t experience any changes.

In most parts of the UK, vehicles require an MOT after three years or four years in Northern Ireland, and then annually after that. If you extend your lease for two years, you may need to undergo two more MOT tests before returning your leased vehicle. Rest assured, your dealer will notify you when the next MOT is due, or you can check for yourself on the government’s website. And don't fret about the cost of your MOT because it's included in your worry-free package, even during a lease extension.

As a Scheme Partner, we understand that global supply chain issues can impede vehicle repairs. Specifically, certain components requiring semiconductors may be impacted, which could lead to longer wait times for replacement parts. Workshop spaces may also remain occupied for a more extended period, negatively impacting the number of cars that can be fixed. If you require insurance repairs, RSAM and their approved repairers will keep you informed about the status of your claim. They will notify you of any potential delays and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Unfortunately, temporary replacement vehicles may also be affected by ongoing supply chain issues. The availability, size, vehicle type, and delivery times could all be impacted, but we will do our best to keep you informed of any delays.

The process of obtaining a suitable hire car may take longer than what you are used to due to current supply issues. As a result, it is unlikely we will be able to meet requests for specific features. However, RSAM will still discuss alternative arrangements with you in the unlikely event that we cannot provide you with a temporary replacement vehicle.

Motability's grant awards adhere to set policies and take into account all information provided during the application process to ensure the vehicle is appropriate for your mobility requirements. Motability can only consider increasing a grant award in exceptional circumstances, for example, when the beneficiary has a life-limiting condition, to expedite vehicle delivery. Unfortunately, you cannot use your grant to order a vehicle that is not listed on your grant award letter.

Regardless of whether you use the Motability Scheme or a private dealership, the current global supply challenges affecting most manufacturers will cause all vehicle deliveries to have similar lead times and delays. Please note that grant applicants without a current vehicle receive priority consideration, and decisions will be made within ten weeks.

Existing Scheme vehicle holders may renew their lease for up to two years. If you have already extended your lease for two years or more, contact us on 0300 456 4566 to discuss your options. Motability cannot accelerate the delivery of your vehicle, even if you have received an award letter from Motability, the Charity. The only exception would be life-limiting circumstances for the beneficiary.

Our Find a Dealer tool will help you locate the nearest Motability dealer in the UK, each of which has a Motability Scheme specialist who can advise you on the most appropriate vehicle for your needs. Please use it if you're thinking about joining the Scheme or ordering your next car.

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