A Guide to Streaming Joe Biden's Inauguration Highlights Online

On Wednesday, people all over the world tuned in to witness the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

This year's Inauguration Day was unlike any other. Typically, millions of spectators gather at Washington DC's National Mall to watch the ceremony on giant screens before the new president makes their way to the White House. However, due to the recent deadly riots at the US Capitol, this year's parade was replaced by a virtual event. The atmosphere in Washington was tense, and a massive security operation took place, with over 25,000 troops and police on duty and fencing surrounding the US Capitol complex.

The ceremony, which began around 4pm in the UK, featured memorable performances by Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga.

If you want to catch up on the highlights of the inauguration, you can find them on YouTube. The Evening Standard also has a video of Lady Gaga's performance. We also have Joe Biden's full speech available for you to read.

During the inauguration, Joe Biden took the oath of office and delivered a speech in which he called on Americans to put aside their divisions. Before the oath, Lady Gaga captivated the audience with her rendition of the American national anthem, wearing a stunning dove-shaped brooch and a majestic red sculpted skirt. Jennifer Lopez followed with a powerful performance, incorporating a line in Spanish into her medley of patriotic songs as a symbol of multiculturalism.

This year's inauguration was a historic moment as Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris made history. Despite the challenging circumstances, the essence and significance of the event remained intact, marking the beginning of a new era for the United States.

Who performed at the Celebrating America event?

"Celebrating America," a 90-minute multi-network broadcast, was hosted by Tom Hanks as a substitute for the usual official inaugural balls. President Biden and Vice President Harris watched the event and delivered brief remarks.

To commence the musical segment, country sensation Garth Brooks, donning a black cowboy hat, graced the stage and delivered a captivating a capella rendition of the timeless hymn "Amazing Grace." Throughout the soul-stirring performance, his eyes remained closed, immersed in the song's emotional depth. Brooks humbly invited the audience, both present and those watching from the comfort of their homes, to unite as one by singing a verse of the heartfelt anthem together.

Alone with his guitar, the legendary Bruce Springsteen stood before the iconic Lincoln Memorial, pouring his heart into his musical offering. He serenaded the nation with his enchanting composition, "Land of Hope and Dreams," invoking a sense of unity and assuring that he would be a steadfast companion throughout the journey of life.

Tom Hanks, also positioned at the Lincoln Memorial, addressed the nation, acknowledging the divisive rifts and troubling discord that have plagued the country in recent years. However, on this extraordinary night, the focus shifted towards celebrating the profound essence of the United States of America. Hanks emphasized the significance of practicing our democracy, upholding the foundations of our beloved republic, safeguarding the integrity of our Constitution, and embracing the collective aspirations and dreams that bind us together in the pursuit of an ever more perfect union.

In a captivating performance from Miami, Jon Bon Jovi graced the stage and regaled the audience with his rendition of "Here Comes the Sun," infusing warmth and optimism into the atmosphere. Ant Clemons and Justin Timberlake harmonized their voices in an uplifting performance of "Better Days" from the vibrant city of Memphis. John Legend mesmerized the Washington audience with his soulful rendition of "Feeling Good," while the Foo Fighters honored teachers with their heartfelt performance of "Times Like These." Demi Lovato, joined by compassionate doctors and nurses in Los Angeles, delivered a stirring rendition of "Lovely Day," filling the airwaves with hope and positivity.

A remarkable collaboration unfolded as a collection of esteemed Broadway stars joined forces to create a stirring medley. They combined the timeless tunes of "Seasons of Love" from the renowned musical "Rent" and "Let the Sunshine In" from the iconic production "Hair." Among the talented ensemble were Christopher Jackson, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Laura Benanti, Betty Buckley, Leslie Uggams, and Javier Munoz. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creative genius behind "Hamilton," captivated the audience with a recitation from "The Cure at Troy," a poignant work by Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

The grand finale of the evening was a mesmerizing fireworks display illuminating the Washington night sky. President Biden and Vice President Harris, accompanied by their families, marveled at the spectacular spectacle from the White House and Lincoln Memorial, respectively. The enchanting display was accompanied by the enchanting melody of "Firework," performed by the incomparable Katy Perry.

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