A Guide to Adding Subtitles to ITV Hub

As ITV Hub's popularity grew, the Subtitles feature became one of its most valuable features. These subtitles are on-screen text that provides a near-exact transcript of the dialogue between the characters on the show you're watching.

Watching your favorite show can be difficult for many people who have hearing problems.

However, the subtitles feature allows almost everyone, including those who have hearing difficulties, to enjoy, appreciate, and immerse themselves in the world of entertainment.

Subtitles can significantly improve the viewing experience for many viewers, whether they are watching their favorite drama or a classic film from their childhood.

The following is a comprehensive and thoroughly researched guide on how to obtain subtitles on ITV Hub, one of the leading on-demand TV services in the United Kingdom.

What is the 'ITV Hub'?

As previously stated, ITV Hub is the video-on-demand service for ITV, one of the leading television networks in the United Kingdom. The ITV Hub, formerly known as ITV Player, provides its 29 million registered users with a variety of homegrown channels.

ITV Hub will almost certainly have what you're looking for, whether it's a film, a drama series, a documentary, or a sports highlights program.

However, before you can access the vast database of shows on ITV Hub, you must first log in to your account. Fortunately, creating a personal account is both simple and free.

To register, simply complete three simple steps. First, download and install the ITV Hub app on your device. Then you'll be asked to fill out their 'Sign Up' form with the necessary information and click the 'Submit' button.

Finally, once you've been verified, you should be able to log in to your account on any of your streaming devices and watch the shows you've subscribed to.

How to Download ITV Hub Subtitles

It should be noted that not all devices support the subtitles on the ITV Hub app. ITV Hub currently offers the feature for the most popular shows on its website, mobile apps, Samsung Smart TVs, and Freeview Play TVs.

However, the technical support team is currently working to add the subtitles feature to all available platforms as soon as possible.

Turning on your ITV Hub subtitles is a simple process, even for the least tech-savvy users. Users should be aware, however, that not all of the services on the service have these on-screen transcriptions.

Subtitled programs are identified by an 'S' symbol in the top-right corner of the screen. All you have to do to turn them on or off is press the 'S' button.

As previously stated, subtitles are currently available on the ITV Hub application on iPad and Smart TVs, specifically Samsung and those with Freeview Play.

Despite the fact that ITV Hub subtitles are not yet available on Amazon FireStick and Roku, users can still access on-screen text on these devices.

We'll now go over the specific steps for getting subtitles on your preferred platform.

Macbooks and Windows laptops

Watching ITV Hub on your laptop or Macbook is the most convenient way to watch your favorite shows privately. This explains why the majority of people who watch alone prefer this device to others.

I hear you asking if subtitles are available when watching ITV Hub on your laptops and macbooks. The answer to this question is a resounding yes. In fact, enabling subtitles on your laptop or Macbook is a breeze.

Sign in with your registered email and password, then press 'Play' on your favorite show or movie. Once the video begins, look for the 'S' button on your device's screen and click it.

This button is typically located in the lower or upper corners of your laptop and, when pressed, should immediately display the subtitles for the show or movie you are watching.


The popularity of streaming video through iPads continues to grow due to the device's portability and lightness. For these reasons, watching ITV Hub on this device is highly recommended.

IPads are a great way to enjoy video content, whether you're binge watching a show before bed or catching up on a series on your commute to work.

Furthermore, you can easily enable subtitles on your Apple device using the ITV Hub.

All you have to do is follow three easy steps. To begin, download the ITV Hub from the App Store and sign in to your account. Then, find your desired program or film and press 'Play.'

So far, it appears to be fairly foolproof. Finally, once the video has finished loading, locate the 'S' button in the upper right corner of your screen and click it. That's all there is to it.

Smart TVs

In comparison to other TV brands, getting the subtitle feature on ITV Hub for Smart Samsung TVs and Smart TVs with Freeview Play is relatively simple.

Install the ITV Hub from the Google Play store, log in to your account, play your chosen program, and then click the 'S' button in the top right corner of your device to enable on-screen text on Samsung TVs.

Because Freeview Play subscribers already have access to the aforementioned TV service, the process is even simpler.

To enable on-screen captions, simply press the 'Menu' button on your Smart TV remote, scroll right, and select the subtitle sub-menu.

Amazon Fire TV

Subtitles are not yet available on the Amazon FireStick for ITV Hub, as previously stated, but users can enable on-screen text by following these steps.

Users must connect their FireStick to one of their TV's HDMI ports, launch ITV Hub, and watch their chosen video on the TV screen.

While the video is playing, use the remote to select 'Subtitles' and 'Audio sub-menu'. Turn on subtitles, then press 'Menu' again to exit and watch your favorite show.

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to get subtitles on ITV Hub using an Android phone?

Sorry to disappoint Android users, but ITV Hub cannot be used in Android devices with subtitles. This is due to the fact that most Android devices no longer support the ITV application.

Adobe and Samsung policy changes have impacted Android support for ITV applications.

Are real-time subtitles available for live shows?

Transcribing subtitles is, understandably, not the quickest job. As a result, most live TV shows will not have subtitles. ITV Hub, on the other hand, works hard to make their subtitles available as soon as possible.

Are audio descriptions available as well?

Audio descriptions are useful tools for assisting viewers in understanding what is happening in a show or film. These audio descriptions are available on ITV Hub, but only for certain devices. The 'AD' button on a few iPads and Android devices is used to activate them.

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