A Guide to Accessing and Bypassing Restrictions on Adult Websites in the UK by 2023

The Risks of a National Database for Adult Websites

The idea of having all of your watched adult videos stored in a database along with personal information like your passport or driver's license scan can understandably make many individuals feel uneasy.

I can't predict the future, but it's not unlikely that authorities will eventually seek access to these databases under the pretext of public safety. In recent years, we have witnessed a gradual erosion of privacy.

UK surveillance

Privacy Concerns Should be a Priority for Everyone

Gone are the days when using a VPN for privacy was a matter of second thoughts. Most individuals who value their privacy now opt for a VPN before engaging with adult content in the UK.

Furthermore, the existence of reliable VPNs renders the entire pornography block completely pointless, as if it never existed in the first place. Could this whole endeavor be yet another colossal waste of time and valuable resources?

The evidence is already clear. With strong encryption and robust security protocols, any attempts to restrict your freedom become obsolete. The best course of action is to enlist the services of a VPN.

A VPN is designed to bypass internet restrictions, regardless of their origins. Even your ISP cannot track your internet browser when you are protected by a good VPN.

Just consider the following:

  • When you activate your VPN, your connection is securely sent to its intended destination via a tunnel created by the VPN.
  • This tunnel is encrypted using secure protocols, ensuring no contact with the outside world. It becomes an impenetrable shield against any unwanted intruders, including nosy government officials who wish to pry into your affairs.
  • In the end, only you, the sender, and the recipient can access the data transmitted through the tunnel. This data could be anything from a picture or a message, to a request for access to a specific website.

The Digital Economy Act passed by the UK in 2017 stipulates that all adult websites must comply with strict regulations. These websites are required to implement identity verification checkpoints on their landing pages.

Here, you must prove that you are over 18 years old and legally permitted to access adult content. This proof can take the form of an ID check, information from your driver's license, or the purchase of an adult-content pass, which grants you access to porn sites.

However, how likely is it that someone under 18 would be able to purchase these passes? If these IDs are readily available at local stores, it's possible for minors to obtain them.

But, as I've stated before and will reiterate, purchasing the pass is not your only option. You only put yourself at risk when you provide your personally identifiable information on adult websites.

Regarding the trustworthiness of VPN companies and your safety while using their services, it is vital to read reviews and verify the legitimacy of their privacy policies before signing up.

A reputable VPN, with a genuine commitment to user privacy, will not collect any user data, regardless of its nature. Apart from the necessary maintenance information required to operate the servers, which cannot be linked to a specific user, no other data should be collected.

The Best VPNs for Unblocking Porn Sites in the UK

To unblock porn sites, you will need a premium paid VPN that guarantees no logs. Free VPNs or those based in the country are ineffective, as they may share data with the government.

Here are our top VPN recommendations:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is an exceptional tool for unblocking porn sites in the UK, thanks to its extensive network of servers, robust encryption, and advanced features.

The VPN service provider maintains a global network of over 5,000 servers, including many in the UK. This allows users to connect to a UK IP address, even if they are not physically present in the country.

By effectively masking their actual location, NordVPN enables users to access porn sites that are blocked or restricted to UK-based individuals.

This extensive server network ensures fast and reliable connections, which is crucial when accessing streaming content or engaging in other high-bandwidth activities.

NordVPN, a renowned VPN service, offers a secure and private browsing experience by utilizing a vast network of servers and employing advanced encryption technology. This ensures the protection of users' online security while enabling them to access porn sites in the UK without any compromise. The creation of an encrypted tunnel by NordVPN ensures that third parties, including ISPs, are unable to monitor or track users' online activities. This additional layer of privacy makes NordVPN a popular choice for individuals seeking anonymity while unblocking porn sites.

Moreover, NordVPN stands out as a top choice for unblocking porn sites in the UK due to its innovative features, such as SmartPlay technology. This unique feature combines the benefits of a VPN with the capabilities of Smart DNS, providing users with seamless access to a wide range of streaming services, including those restricted by geographical location. For instance, if a streaming service is limited to viewers outside of the UK, SmartPlay redirects the user's requests through a server located in the relevant country, bypassing the geo-block and granting access. The best part is that all of this occurs effortlessly, without any intervention from the user or any noticeable impact on connection speed. Thus, for individuals seeking an effortless, effective, and secure solution to unblock sites in the UK, NordVPN is the ideal choice.

ExpressVPN is another highly effective option for unblocking porn sites in the UK. With its robust network of high-speed servers and superior encryption technology, ExpressVPN ensures a secure and private browsing experience. With over 3,000 servers globally, including many in the UK, ExpressVPN enables users to mask their actual location by connecting to a UK-based IP address. This allows users to access geo-restricted or UK-specific content, regardless of their physical location. ExpressVPN's extensive server network also guarantees reliable connections with impressive speed, essential for smooth streaming and other data-intensive activities.

In addition to its comprehensive server network, ExpressVPN employs advanced encryption standards, ensuring the protection of users' online activity. By establishing an encrypted tunnel between the user's device and the VPN server, ExpressVPN safeguards their data from third parties, including ISPs, preventing them from viewing or tracking online activity. Furthermore, ExpressVPN's proprietary "TrustedServer" technology runs servers exclusively on RAM, ensuring that all data is wiped clean with every reboot, further enhancing user privacy and security. Thus, for individuals seeking a secure and effective solution to unblock sites in the UK, ExpressVPN is the ideal choice.

Surfshark also offers a good option for unblocking porn sites due to its extensive server selection and the fact that it is not based in the UK. With Surfshark, users can enjoy unlimited device connections and benefit from various browser add-ons and extensions.

It is important to note that using free VPNs, proxy servers, or DNS servers is not recommended if your intention is to unblock porn sites. These services often share user data with third parties or government entities as a means of generating revenue. Therefore, it is best to avoid them for a truly secure browsing experience.

In addition to VPN services, there are alternative methods to unblock porn sites, such as using a guide, like the one provided by Privacy Affairs, which offers detailed information on watching porn in restricted locations such as Turkey.

Moving on to another aspect, the UK's initiative known as the Digital Economy Act is a part of a larger plan that aims to erode the privacy of the population. This initiative follows a pattern seen in China's Social Credit system, where oppression, authoritarianism, exceeding restrictions, and the erosion of personal liberties become prevalent. When one authority gains excessive power and takes precedence over individual freedom and the right to think and act independently, oppression thrives.

According to the UK initiative, individuals in the UK are required to provide proof of being over 18 years old before gaining access to adult sites. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in either complete blocking of the websites by UK internet service providers or heavy fines of up to £250,000. This further highlights the erosion of personal freedoms in favor of governmental control.

The establishment of necessary verification measures will be undertaken by the pornography industry itself. MindGeek's AgeID system is currently the leading candidate for fulfilling this role.

Purchase a pass from your nearby corner store

You will also have the option to acquire a "porn pass" from your local news agent. That's correct, simply stroll into the nearest news agent and request a porn pass from the cashier.

One of the challenges with the block on adult content in the UK is that it is the government that determines what falls into the category of adult content. What determines something as slightly inappropriate or clearly adult? Which websites will need to comply with this legislation?

These lines become blurred as even the creators of the law themselves are uncertain about how they will effectively manage the situation. Any website that consists of 60% or more adult content will be impacted. This does not make logical sense.

The entire UK internet landscape will be altered, dismantled, and disfigured by the government's antiquated and decaying meat cleaver. With deplorable imprecision and a faux righteous smile on their faces, these politicians will deprive you of the sacred right to engage in self-pleasure and label it as justice.

The driving force behind all of this?

Their objective is to safeguard children from accessing adult content.

However, this could be mitigated if parents were more diligent in protecting their children. Yet, this possibility is seemingly overlooked.

This legislation will only result in a further decline in parental responsibility, as parents may mistakenly believe their children are now shielded, which will not be the case.

There are hundreds of thousands of adult websites, and the abundance of adult content on the internet is virtually limitless. If there is anything faster than the speed of light, it would be the rate at which adult videos are uploaded onto adult websites.

Attempting to enforce this legislation on all of these websites is impossible, and the notion of blocking access to them appears far-fetched. Given its vastness, adult content will persist unless revolutionary algorithms are developed that completely revolutionize internet access for people.

The UK block on adult content is destined for failure

In my estimation, this endeavor is doomed to fail.

Just like many previously attempted policies, it is headed towards futility. Reflect on the era of prohibition, when alcohol consumption surged despite the ban, or consider the ongoing struggle of the US with the war on drugs.

The moment adult content becomes inaccessible is when individuals will have to make a choice: surrender their privacy or protect it. The internet is meant to be a realm of freedom, and this ideal is worth fighting for.

Providing personal information to websites poses potential risks and is not necessarily secure. Entering the realm of having your identity exposed on the internet is never a wise decision. Yet, the British government demands exactly that. These politicians are seizing the moral high ground, using the defense of our children as a justification.

While most people agree that children under 18 should not have access to adult content, this method is far from effective. It is a feeble attempt to improve the situation, or so it seems, while its true intent is to strengthen state control over the populace.

Fortunately, you can still watch porn in the UK and unblock adult websites without a license or ID. VPNs eliminate the need for any pass. We shall see what unfolds when this initiative is implemented in the coming months.

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