8 Easy Steps to Replace Your Kitchen Sink Faucet.

While some plumbing tasks require professional help, changing your kitchen tap is something you can do on your own. However, don't underestimate the preparation that goes into it. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to successfully change your kitchen tap and provide you with a list of the tools you'll need.

An image of a kitchen tap

Tools Needed to Replace a Kitchen Tap

If you plan on changing your kitchen tap on your own, you'll need to have the right tools on hand. Keep in mind that purchasing the necessary instruments may not be cheap. Here are the tools you'll need:

  • - Open-ended spanners
  • - Basin wrench
  • - Back nut box spanner
  • - Adjustable pliers
  • - Cleaning cloth
  • - PTFE tape
  • - Washing bowl
  • - Towel
  • - Adjustable wrench
  • - Slotted screwdriver
  • - Pipe cutter
  • - Box spanner or ratchet
  • - Compression fittings or check valves
  • - Hacksaw or olive splitter
  • - Limescale remover
  • - Masking tape
  • - Pen
  • If you want to expand your plumbing tool kit, consider checking out this comprehensive list of essential plumbing tools.
  • How to Remove a Kitchen Tap

    Since many people use the space under their sinks for storage, removing all stored items from the area before beginning the task is a smart idea in order to gain access to the pipe connectors.

Step #1. Turn Off the Water Supply

To turn off the water supply, locate the isolating valve of the pipe supply system fitted on the hose's output. Turn the valve a quarter turn to shut off the water supply. Run the water to check if it's properly turned off. If there are no independent valves, you can shut off the main stopcock. Ensure that there is no running water before proceeding to the next step.

Step #2. Prepare the Area

Set up a towel under the sink and gather all necessary tools. Keep the old instruction manual for reference purposes in case you encounter any potential issues.

Step #3. Disconnect the Tap from the Mains Water Supply

There are two types of water pipe connections - standard and flexible. First, loosen the screw connecting the joints to the pipe of the standard hose system using an open-ended spanner. With flexible pipe connections, you must unfasten the nuts where the connection or valve joins the mains pipe. Be mindful that nuts can tighten over time, thus possibly making it difficult to loosen them. Use adjustable pliers to keep the connection or valve in place as you operate it. Keep in mind that water may come out once you disconnect the tap.

Step #4. Remove the Existing Taps

Remove the nut that holds the tap attached to the surface by holding onto the tap and securing it in place. Ensure that the tap does not rotate while unscrewing the nut. The next step is to detach the tap and the flexible hoses by removing them from the stud. Removing the hoses requires extra attention as stainless steel ones have sharp, pointed edges that could cause injury. Once you've removed everything, be sure to clean any residue or buildup in the open mains pipe connections under the sink.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed your kitchen tap! If you find the process challenging or you prefer not to do it yourself, consider My Plumber's tap repair and replacement services. It's swift, convenient, and clean!

Are you ready to install your new kitchen tap? After the ordeal of removing the old one, it's time to select the best tap for your interior and fit it using these steps:

    Step #1 - Start by cleaning the surface where your old kitchen tap was mounted. If you encounter stubborn build-up, take your time to remove it gently. Avoid harsh chemicals or brushes that may damage the surface.

    Step #2 - To install a kitchen tap is much easier than removing one. Apply about 5 layers of PTFE tape to the mains connection lower threads beforehand, wrapping the tape in a clockwise direction. Most taps come with pre-fitted hoses. If yours don't, rely on the manufacturer's manual to connect them yourself. Feed the mains connection hoses through the hole from the previous tap, and get a helper to hold the new tap into place. Ensure that the retaining nut is screwed in by hand and secured tightly with adjustable pliers. If necessary, install a tap brace for support.

    Step #3 - To reconnect the mains supply, start the threads by hand to avoid cross-threading, then tighten it, but not excessively. Once in position, screw in the connector nuts and tighten again with an adjustable open-ended spanner. Remember to hold onto the connector or valve to eliminate excess pressure.

    Step #4 - Adjust the isolating valve or turn on the water from the stopcock to turn on the water supply. Test the tap for leaks and drips by turning it on.

    How long it takes to install a new kitchen tap depends on your handyman skills. If you have experience, it can take less than an hour. For novices, it may take much longer. The instructions above can make the process smoother and quicker.

    Please note that the information provided on this web page is for guidance purposes only and without liability. The information is provided in good faith but may contain errors or omissions. The information may be updated or changed without warning.

    Key Points to Consider

    One can easily replace the kitchen tap by following the instructions in the manual and using the appropriate tools. However, it is crucial to exhibit patience and handle the process with care to prevent damage, especially when tightening any components. In case you lack confidence in your abilities to undertake the task, you can always book our skilled and experienced London plumbers to do the job for you.

    If you reside in London, hard water is a common problem that may cause dirty or malfunctioning taps. To avoid frequent replacements of clogged or faulty taps, you can opt to install an under-sink water softener. This is a job that should be assigned to a qualified water treatment expert in London. By entrusting the task to a professional, you ensure that the job is completed to perfection, and you have a constant supply of soft water that is fit for use.

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