27p Kitchen Item Removes Blood Stains from Bedding as Adored by Mrs Hinch Followers

Cleaning enthusiasts who are fans of popular cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch have generously shared their ingenious techniques for effectively removing bloodstains from bedding. Surprisingly, all you need is a single inexpensive item that you most likely already have in your possession, which will undoubtedly please the frugal among us.

Whether you accidentally nicked yourself during the night, experienced a menstrual mishap, or had an unfortunate nosebleed, it is highly probable that you have encountered the frustrating problem of bloodstains on your pillows and sheets at least once. As stubborn as bloodstains may seem, the cleaning aficionados confidently assert that you can easily eradicate these unsightly marks with a common household item that is likely lurking in your kitchen cupboards.

Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has inspired a dedicated following of admirers who have created their own Facebook groups solely focused on sharing effective cleaning advice. Recently, one such discussion centred around the most effective methods for removing bloodstains from pillows. A concerned member of the "Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips and tricks Facebook page" sought assistance, exclaiming, "Help! My little boy accidentally caused a nosebleed, resulting in blood stains all over my pillow before I could intervene. What is the quickest solution to remove bloodstains?"

Instead of resorting to expensive stain removers, devoted Mrs Hinch fans eagerly suggested a far more economical option. They recommended that the distressed mother venture into her kitchen and procure a readily available solution: salt and cold water. According to these cleaning enthusiasts, the salt and water mixture, paired with gentle circular motions using a sponge, miraculously eliminates the stubborn stains. Numerous testimonials flooded in from enthusiastic cleaning advocates who were astounded by the power of the salt and cold water concoction in banishing bloodstains from various fabrics, including clothing.

The efficacy of this approach convinced skeptics, as one individual admitted, "Initially, I was doubtful, but after using the cold water and salt method, the stains instantly vanished." Another contributor provided further support, sharing her mother's wisdom, "My mum always swears by salt and cold water. My nephew once suffered a massive nosebleed that drenched his shirt, but my mum employed the salt and water technique, successfully eradicating the stain."

For those contemplating this solution but lacking the essential ingredient, fear not! A bottle of table salt, weighing 750g, can be easily procured from Asda for a mere 27p, while Morrisons offers the same product for a slightly higher price of 29p. This negligible cost ensures that even if a trip to the store is required, it will not put a strain on your budget.

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In the meantime, some fellow enthusiasts of Mrs. Hinch also endorse the use of baking soda as a viable option for removing bloodstains - although it may be pricier at £1.19 from Asda, it could possibly be a product that you already possess in your own household.

One individual shared: "Baking soda proves to be incredibly effective in eliminating bloodstains."

Another contributor added: "For bloodstains, the combination of baking soda and cold water is truly exceptional."

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