Senior Editor at, Katty Macwell, has nearly ten years of experience writing and editing for a variety of industries and platforms, and she enjoys giving readers the knowledge they need to flourish and thrive.


  • Having worked in the writing and editing industries for the past decade
  • Extensive familiarity with lifestyle topics, including DIY projects, How-To guides, and more
  • Professionalism in email marketing and content creation for enterprises of all sizes.


Since she was a little girl, Macwell has been fixated on Do-It-Yourself projects and How-To guides. She learned as much as she could about everything by doing things on her own whenever she was allowed to, be it looking up how to guides or making DIY projects.

After spending three years as a freelance contributor for a local magazine, Macwell officially took on the role of Editor in 2019. After gaining experience as a writer and editor, Macwell shifted her focus to digital content marketing, where she assisted local businesses with content marketing strategies, social media and email marketing, and website copywriting. Due to her extensive knowledge of the home improvement industry and her enthusiasm for all things domestic, she is now a sought-after content marketer for companies that target homeowners.


Macwell earned his MA in journalism from University of Western Ontario. will become your partnet who provides you with full of helpful advice on
how to better your everyday life. - since 2022

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